Best Food to Boost Fertility | 9 Fertility Foods list for Female

Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog. Today I’m going to share top nine Best Food to Boost Fertility when trying to get pregnant. So i’ve had a lot of questions about fertility issues and this is focusing on the women in particular but this is great for the guys as well.

I’m going to share my absolute favorite Best Food to Boost Fertility to help with fertility and to get pregnant.

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9 Best Food to Boost Fertility
9 Best Food to Boost Fertility

Best Food to Boost Fertility

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Food number one is a variety of organic fruits and vegetables. And ideally your fruits and vegetables are locally grown wherever you live because this differs depending on what latitude you’re at whether you’re closer to the equator or further away.

Like I am here in canada that food recommendation change is based on what our body can absorb and utilize.

You need for that season because our body is very much attached to and reacts to the way that nature around us is also reacting based on that season and time of year.

Coconut Oil

Food number two is coconut oil. It is very reparative to the gut. Especially for the leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome is something that you think maybe a problem for you.

And that connection with fertility when we don’t have a healthy gut, unfortunately, we’re not getting all that nutrient density from our foods.

We can’t effectively turn it into energy and we could have developed some inflammation in the body which we know again will threaten that good fertility.

So getting that inflammation down is important and coconut oil is a great way to be able to do that and getting those essential fats from the coconut oil.

Brazil Nuts

Food number three is brazil nuts. And I love brazil nuts because they contain selenium. And selenium is that essential mineral that we need to run our thyroid gland and the thyroid being a major regulator for our metabolism.

And really important in terms of the way that our hormones work and our body temperature.

We also know that body temperature is very much linked to fertility for anybody who’s gone through fertility treatments before and checking. When you are more fertile with body temperature really important.


Food number four is almonds. And I love almonds. They are a natural source of vitamin E and again getting vitamin E from whole foods.

Sources are always the best way to do it. You don’t want to get synthetic vitamin E in a supplement. Vitamin the reason being is that it can actually become like a pro oxidant in the body.

So more like a free radical when it’s supposed to be an antioxidant so doing you have to be really careful with antioxidants especially vitamin E.

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And what vitamin E does naturally from food is it helps to create that healthy placenta. So this is important to be able to sustain a healthy pregnancy as well.

Dried Seaweed

Food number five is dried seaweed. And dried seaweed contains iodine naturally from the sea.

And this again is really important for our thyroid function. So incorporating a bit of that tasty dried seaweed into the diet is really important for fertility especially for women.


Food number six is oysters. Now oysters are known as a superfood from the ocean. And not only does it contain that iodine as well. But also natural sodium which is important to run all of our cells appropriately but also zinc.

For men, we know zinc is really important but also for women and for women’s fertility that’s why incorporating oysters into your diet.

Preferably raw if you can do it is a great way to be able to ensure that you’re getting all of those superfood nutrients especially those minerals from the ocean in your daily diet.

Olive Oil

Food number seven is olive oil. We want to limit our polyunsaturated fatty acids so the more inflammatory fats.

And we want to incorporate the healthier fats into our diet so olive oil is fantastic i especially love corona chi olives which are highest in the antioxidants.

So this is really important that something that you can look for and a great way to incorporate more of those essential fats into the diet of course limiting carbohydrates is important.

How they can sort of offset your leptin and your hormones and overdoing it with too many carbohydrates is not advisable but getting more of these essential fats into the diet is very anti-inflammatory. Preferably an organic olive oil would be the best.


Food number eight is sauerkraut. So sauerkraut and yogurt so fermented foods help our healthy microbiome and having that proper diversity of those gut bugs is really important to ensure that we have proper digestion.

But also our immune system is very much reliant on having that healthy microbiome and that diversity of those good bugs in there.

So getting that healthy microbiome is essential for fertility and do everything that you can to have that proper digestion.

Cold Water Fish

Food number nine is cold water fish. This is my Best Food to Boost Fertility. But the caveat here is that it has to be small fish and you have to be careful a little bit with having too much of it.

The reason being is that because of the toxicity of fish and sometimes going to a dha supplement. So i love the dha because dha is something that our body as humans does not produce.

It needs to be supplied from the outside and the cold water fish again if they’re non-toxic so we’re talking mercury pcbs dioxins. It’s important to incorporate a little bit of these into the diet.

But when we’re worried about toxicity and maybe we’ve got other toxicity issues in our body in terms of heavy metal toxicity. Then you want to limit the consumption of fish and going to a dha supplement may be the best way to get.

Omega-3, which is important for our brain and spinal cord but more importantly. When we do conceive and we have that little baby growing inside to ensure that they have proper brain development and nervous system development.

And it’s all dependent on that dha dha is also really important to be able to convert that sunlight energy into that electrical current in our cells. This is for all of us a super important aspect of our overall health and ensuring that our electricity.

That’s going through us we are a battery that is supported by having enough of that dha in the diet every single day.

So I hope that you learned something new. Share with someone who needs a little bit of extra help and some encouragement in the area of fertility.

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