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Hello friends, welcome to my blog. Today I’m going to talk about the Best ways to Increase Vitamin D3 Naturally.

Sunlight is best source of Vitamin D

Well, one the obvious get more sunlight but if we can’t do that then sometimes we definitely have to treat the vitamin D deficiency by taking a supplement. And we can rapidly treat the vitamin D deficiency with some simple ingredients.

Best ways to Increase Vitamin D3 Naturally
Best ways to Increase Vitamin D3 Naturally

So certainly top of mind is a vitamin d supplement and you want to look for a vitamin d3 supplement because this is the same type that our our skin makes from the sun and it is more readily absorbed.

Now one of my tips is to always take it with a healthy fat because the vitamin D is again it’s a hormone. It is a pro hormone and it is fat soluble.

So some of our vitamins like vitamin C and B vitamins are water soluble. we flush them out very readily through our urine whereas vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K. These are fat soluble which means we can actually store them in our fat cells.

And this is to our advantage but we don’t want to ever take too much but we want to take it with a healthy fat when we are ingesting our vitamin D to help to maximize that absorption of that vitamin D. And certain supplements actually come with fat within the supplement itself to help to maximize that absorption.

Magnesium Helps Increase Vitamin D3

Another thing that actually helps with the absorption of vitamin D is magnesium. We have a huge deficiency issue with magnesium we simply don’t get it in our soils anymore but it has a very protective effect. When we take enough magnesium against emf radiation.

So those electromagnetic fields from our phones, computers, televisions, everything that’s plugged in basically around us has an emf and has that radiation which potentially could have a negative effect on our body.

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So magnesium works like a natural calcium channel blocker. It helps to prevent that damage from emfs but vitamin d also helps to protect us from emfs.

And a study that was done on rats and i know that some people will say well rats you know aren’t the same as humans but often they give us some great information.

So what the study showed was that just one hour a day of emf exposure to the rats resulted in a significant decrease in the immunoglobulins which we can see here but also it had an effect on the leukocytes and the lymphocytes and the other immune cells.

And they found surprisingly that or not surprisingly that after and that was just one hour of exposure but then after two hours of exposure of the EMFs to the rats that it significantly increased these changes.

So definitely the correlation was there and what they did find was that the vitamin d supplementation in the emf exposed rats reversed the results when compared to the non-emf exposed group.

This is significant and you know to think that we could do again something naturally we can’t necessarily get away from that emf exposure but whatever we can do naturally to protect ourselves is of utmost importance

DHA Increase Vitamin D3 Absorption

Now another tip that i have is when you’re taking your vitamin D is to also take it with DHA. So DHA again from the food sources that we talked about in terms of fish and the fats of fish and seals and whales and things that you know.

Northern cultures traditionally would be eating in their diet that has natural vitamin d within that food but also contains DHA. So DHA is super important in terms of an omega-3 fatty acid to help to increase the absorption of that vitamin D.

Healthy Microbiome Increase Vitamin D3 Absorption

Now the other thing that’s interesting is that the relationship between vitamin D and the microbiome. So you know that I’m all about the microbiome and having that healthy gut ecology. The microbiome is basically the balance between the good and the bad organisms that are naturally living in our gut.

So we’ve got the good ones the probiotics and the bad ones the not so good ones but what has been shown is that exposure to UVB light helps to increase the diversity in the microbiome.

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Now where I’m going with this is that healthy people tend to have a greater diversity of that microbiome and the more diverse your microbiome the better and the study showed that by having that skin exposure especially to the UVB light helps to have that modulation to the healthy microbiome.

So this was studied on healthy females and they found that this again was the first study to show that humans with low vitamin D serum levels display an overt change in their intestinal microbiome in response to uvb skin exposure.

And increases the vitamin d levels suggesting the existence of a novel skin gut access to which could be used to promote the healthy intestinal homeostasis so yes there is a correlation and you know i’ve found it so fascinating.

And I’m looking more and more into this connection between the gut and our microbiome and that exposure to UV light and it has been said that our microbiome actually gives off light.

So imagine that we’re when people say you’re lit from within and that diversity in our microbiome could that be the light that’s actually fueling the vitamin d that we are ingesting and that we have internally.

Something really interesting I’m hoping that future studies are going to be done on this to be able to really find that link. And why it’s so important that we connect all these things not only our sun exposure but helping to have that healthy microbiome as well.

Vitamin D3 Helps Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease, now we know that this is on the rise and there are actually vitamin D receptors in the tight junctions of our gut. So if you’ve heard about autoimmunity before that leaky gut syndrome definitely is of utmost importance that we help to tighten up those junctions again.

Vitamin D has been proven to actually help with that tight junction and that the tissue barrier in terms of being able to maintain that tight junction.

So in this study what the researchers found is that mounting evidence indicates that vitamin D. And the vitamin D receptor play key roles in the pathogenesis of human disease and that in the tight junction complexes.

This has a lot to do with treating defective tissue barriers that involve not just the gut but also the skin the lungs the kidneys and other organs.

So you know again further research needs to be done on this this is just the beginning i think in terms of taking a good hard look at you know why the leaky gut is such an issue and what we can do so vitamin d would be another one of those tools to help to maintain that healthy gu.

So that was all about Best ways to Increase Vitamin D3 Naturally. I hope you learn something new.

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