Brewing Stand Recipe Minecraft

Hey friends, welcome to a new blog, so in today’s blog, I will tell you how to make a brewing stand in minecraft. Brewing stand is very important in Minecraft. From the brewing stand, we can create many types of portions that help a lot. Reading this blog for knowing the brewing stand recipe Minecraft.

Brewing means creating portions such as fire resistance, night vision, strength, regeneration, swiftness, etc

Cobblestone and blaze rod are needed to make a brewing stand. Blaze Rod is obtain from blaze. Blaze are spawn in nether world. Cobblestone are easily available in overworld. Villager gets Cleric’s job from brewing stand.

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Brewing Stand Recipe Minecraft

1. First of all you have to open the crafting table so that you can open 3×3 grid.

2. To build the brewing stand, you will need one blaze rod and three cobblestones.

3. To make a brewing stand, you have to arrange the blaze rod and cobblestone in such a way as shown in the image below.

4. You have to put a blaze rod on the first row, and in second row you have to put the cobblestones exact as image.

brewing stand recipe minecraft

5. And you will see a brewing stand.

6. After that you have to take the brewing stand in your inventory.

How to get a Blaze Rod

First of all, you have to make Nether Portal, after making the nether portal, you have to go in nether, after reaching in nether, all you have to find Nether Fortress, after getting notice, you will have to explore it, you will explore it, then there you will find Blaze Rod spawner. You will get the blaze rod after hitting the blaze.

Before going into nether world you have to careful from mobs. Cover yourself from good armour, tools, food, etc. Go nether with shield.

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