Easy Personal Development Tips | Self-Improvement Ideas in 2021

Hello my friends welcome to tech info diaries blog. I hope you all are doing well and you’re keeping in very good health. Today I am going to tell you about Easy Personal Development Tips. All things like self-care, self-development, self-love.

Let’s talk about Easy Personal Development Tips. How we can go about it?

Easy Personal Development Tips
Easy Personal Development Tips Self-Improvement Ideas in 2021


Our first Easy Personal Development Tips is courage. Courage is that prerequisite that we need in order to really take our personal development very seriously or take it to the next level.

I say courage to start with because we all know who we desire to be in our core and our deepest desires as to who we are trying to be and who we imagine and visualize ourselves to be women we want to be.

When you’re courageous it means that you step into your power. You step into your effectiveness, desirability and you just go after the woman you always imagined yourself to be. So that is going to require courage because not everyone is going to agree with you and not everybody is going to come with you.

Those who were with you when you were here will not necessarily transition to there. So it’s going to require courage. What’s more important staying where we were or having the courage to say this is who, I want to be this, is what i want to become and having the courage to go.

You have to be bold and courageous. So to make sure that every day you are more courageous and life in general also requires so much courage every day of life. I would say from having a family, not having a family to raising children ,to not having children, to exercising.

Going after that job you want starting that business falling in love. All those things that they do require courage so why not work on that courageous muscle.

When we’re talking of personal development because it’s a work in all areas pertaining to personal development. Someone actually cleverly said that ideas are easy because you can actually come up with so many ideas every single day.

You can write them in your notebook, in your ideas book but then what is going to separate the cows from the bullls is execution.

So once you know that which you desire make sure that you are courageous enough to really go for it to go after the woman that you’ve always wanted to be.

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My next Easy Personal Development Tips is pomodora method. Pomodoro method is italian for tomato. So this was a time management technique that was developed in the late 1980s by francesco.

This time management technique is super easy. Especially if you’re a procrastinator or you have so much resistance when doing your personal development. Whatever it is that you like. It could be fitness, cooking, something healthy, studying, reading, whatever it is.

That you like the pomodoro method is basically like I said it is time management. So you could have tasks that you’re working on and you have so much resistance or maybe you suffer from procrastination.

Just give yourself 20 minutes so this is about time batching and 25 minutes is plenty to. Let’s say write a blog post it is plenty to come up with an idea. It’s plenty for doing the housework, folding laundry whatever it is.

That you a task that you’re facing so that this way you know there’s no burning out and also there’s no resistance because this is about three why i meant i know the brain doesn’t like to do all these hard things.

We have figured this out but with the pomodoro method you’re doing a little bit at a time and taking a break. So if you want to go on your social media take a little walk maybe switch from your desk to go work that is fantastic because it’s going to keep you productive.

It’s going to keep you focused and it’s going to make sure that you get your tasks done without them. I would say overpowering you and increasing your resistance or procrastination.

Personal Algorithm

The algorithm, computers have it, social media has it, instagram has it, youtube has it, facebook has it. Why can’t we have it? I mean we are the people who are sort of part of this algorithm, aren’t we.

So why can’t we use it also for our personal development. And by the algorithm I mean don’t reinvent the will figure out, what’s working for you and how best you can keep on doing.

What’s working using the same strategy without reinventing the wheel because sometimes there’s going to be resistance you’re faced with a problem and then you’re trying to come up with creative solutions.

How to go about it or creative solutions to figure out what’s working for you and how to maximize on it so make sure that you have your business algorithm.

So that this way you are better equipped, you’re more effective, you know how to do a,b,c,d,e, because you’ve done it many times and this is a fantastic way to self-evaluate as well this is a fantastic way to know when you’re most productive and less productive,

So that you do the hard things first thing in the morning. If you’re a morning person or at night. If you prefer to wake at night. So for example if you are a morning person you cannot do the heavy tasks at night because you don’t have all that energy.

Like I used to wake up early aroung 5:00 AM. So I get all the hard things done in the morning. This way it becomes a self-monitoring tool and use it to your advantage and it will keep you healthier to keep you more productive.

It will keep you happier as well and also the same thing applies for maybe clothes that you wear there are certain pieces that just make you feel like a woman make you feel empowered, make you feel confident, make a note of that.

So that this way when life requires for you to become more confident maybe you’re stepping into the dating scene or maybe you’re going to meet his friends or maybe you’re going for a job interview.

So already you know at the back of your mind or in your notebook if you like to write things down so that this way when the opportunity arises. Will all those things that will also help you feel your confident self be ready.

When you need them so instead of thinking oh my god what am i gonna wear for these coffee days already you know maybe you have three or four dresses that you felt special in them.

And then you can just pull them off without any mental power in the manner of steve jobs. You know his classic look that she always used to wear there’s so much science in that so the same with our personal algorithm.

Let’s use it to your advantage and keeping the data of the most important product.


This is a bar skill. This is going to be the thing that is going to cut off our legs before we even start running or walking. It such a time waster because here’s the thing we are all unique individuals.

We’re all born in different circumstances, we’re born by different parents we come from different countries, different religions, different backgrounds.

So why are we comparing ourselves to other people and we don’t even know like for example you can compare yourself to someone’s success but you don’t even know the amount of time they’re investing in their projects, the amount of time they’ve been working on their ideas.

By comparing yourself to other people it means that we are sort of neglecting our own potential. We are undermining the tools that we have in our own toolboxes because we are forever looking at somebody else’s toolbox.

When you don’t even know the kind of tools that they are using so it’s like chasing after a ghost even yeah like a shadow basically if that makes sense.

You have to compare yourself to yourself because that is the most accurate comparison you can do because it’s so inaccurate to compare yourself to other people because you don’t know them you’ve never met them even.

If you do meet them you don’t know the stuff that they had to deal with you don’t know what stuff they had to overcome in their childhood maybe you were bullied in school.

So that affected your confidence and then you want to compare yourself to beyonce it doesn’t make sense does it so try to compare yourself to the person you were yesterday and also fully realizing that you are up to you and your progress and your self-development it is entirely up to you and when you do this especially.

When you’re doing the work every single day you can actually see track your progress basically and see where you’re falling short see where you need to improve see where you still need to grow and be brutally honest with yourself.

So that this way your journey becomes your own and the benchmark you’re using your the ruler that you’re using to measure yourself is your own. So once we do that we become our most powerful effective selves because we’re using an accurate ruler to really measure.

I was here yesterday this is where i am today and also that being said again being graceful it’s going to take effort it’s going to take dedication hard work so you might not see the change. Let’s say from yesterday to today there might not be that much of a change but after three months after two months.

You begin to see wait a minute that’s where i was this is where i used to be and this is where i am now i’m actually on my way and this way it becomes an attainable goal instead of instead of comparing yourself to people.

Who are working with different raw materials from yourself people who had to we didn’t have to overcome whatever it is that you overcame because everyone has a journey some people were lucky they just sprung out of their parents tummies and they are automatically millionaires.

Other people they live in countries where it’s easy for them to for them to rise up to the top so don’t compare yourself to other people it’s going to be so inaccurate and it’s going to stop you from making progress it’s going to slow down your productivity, slow down your personal growth because it’s going to be demotivating.

So start today by comparing yourself to yourself. This is the Easy Personal Development Tips for all.

Get rid to temptations

You know what they are you know your kryptonites. I don’t need to tell them to you because you know them. I have my own start by getting rid of them.

If you are addicted to sugar don’t bring sugary things in the house don’t bring too many chocolates in the house because out of sight out of mind it’s actually proven to be scientific.

When it’s out of mind when it’s out of sight you cannot reach for it you cannot even think about it can you because it’s not even in the house whereas if you know that they are chocolates in some little cupboard.

You’re going to dig for them even if they are pegged away whereas if you don’t even buy them you avoid the middle aisles in the supermarket it means that you’re going to make healthier choices.

And also the same with our smartphones again they’re so tempting if you are obsessed with just randomly picking up your phone when you’re bored or when you have nothing to do.

Just like a reflex basically that’s how we have become isn’t it so make sure that you put it away take it away in a certain drawer when you’re especially, when you’re in the middle of your pomodoro.

So that this way you become that much more focused and you are not so distracted. If you’re addicted to listening to the news. Again turn it off during those 25 minutes when you’re busy with your pomodoro.

So that this way you’re more focused and you have to understand that change is really hard honestly speaking and it’s not going to be an overnight success.

There are a lot of moving parts and so you have to be gentle with yourself find ways to really redirect your attention to your goals to your tasks to your intentions every day by just being focused and doing a little bit at a time that is how we’re covering the Easy Personal Development Tips that help in self improvment in 2021.

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