Foods to avoid to Lose Weight

FOODS TO AVOID TO LOSE WEIGHT – 12 Foods That You Should Avoid To Lose Weight

A healthy diet plays a vital role in losing weight and maintaining it afterward. Certain foods destroy all your effort in losing weight. In today’s article, we will show you 12 foods that you should avoid to lose weight rapidly and effectively. From pizza, sugary drinks, Alcohol, and more. Stay tuned to find out more.

1. Pizza

Whenever its name appears somewhere, our mouth is filled with water and the scrumptious taste of this snack. But we are oblivious to its unhealthy effects on our bodies and weight loss journeys. Pizzas that are manufactured commercially appears to be extremely unhealthy.

It happens because they are high in calories, refined flour, and processed meat that contain many baleful preservatives. Try to curb your pizza craving while losing weight. But if it can’t help, you can make a few slices on your own at home with proper calorie count and avoid ingredients that would otherwise cause weight gain. Another option is that you can also add vegetables instead of unhealthy ingredients.

2. Sugary Drinks

Sugary beverages such as soft drinks, fruit juices, or energy drinks have vast amounts of added sugar and a lesser quantity of other nutrients. Studies have suggested that these sugary drinks are positively related to weight gain in children and adults.

The calories present in the sugary drinks don’t make a person sati etic. Instead, it only increases your daily calorie counts. So, if you want to see some severe change in your weight, stop drinking these beverages.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol gives you the extra calories that you would otherwise avoid on a weight loss journey. By drinking alcohol, about 2000 extra calories are consumed by the wine drinkers each month. That’s a significant number that anyone on a weight loss diet could ever consume.

Drinking alcohol excessively is associated with weight gain. The relationship between alcohol and weight loss is, however, unclear. The most notorious form of alcohol that hinders the process of losing weight is beer.

4. French Fries

There is no doubt that potatoes make you feel full. They are full of fiber and hence promotes satiety. That’s why many of us consider potato chips or French fries healthy as well, which is a wrong approach. Potato chips are high in calories, and the worst thing is that one can eat as much as possible.

Recent research has suggested that French fries play a significant role in gaining weight each serving. Apart from such atrocious facts about French fries, they also contain carcinogens commonly known as acrylamides. So, eat boiled potatoes instead of baked or fried ones to shed some extra pounds off your body.

5. Baked Goodies

No matter how much you like baked items like pastries, cakes, and cupcakes, you have to quit such things if you are serious about losing weight. You can’t even have them on your cheat days. Many baked items are full of unhealthy ingredients, for instance, refined flour and added sugar.

Such ingredients only help the body in stacking extra pounds on it. Artificial trans fat is another harmful component that is found in baked products. These trans fats are incredibly unhealthy and baleful for our bodies.

Another fact about baked products is that they do not promote the feeling of fulness, and you feel hungry right after eating them. This is because they are low in nutrients and high in calories, so, after consuming them, the body didn’t get the required amount of nutrients and feel the hunger pangs again. You can replace such cravings with dark chocolate, cinnamon stick, or mint as well.

6. Energy Bars

Don’t get fascinated by the name of these bars. Instead of providing energy, these compact bars are filled with added sugars that are extremely baleful for our overall health. Added fiber is another harmful ingredient that is found in these bars.

No doubt fiber is necessary and vital in losing weight, but when it comes from unnatural sources, that s when the damage occurs. So, instead of helping in losing weight, the energy bars make us bloated and irregular in shape.

If you want to eat these bars, then look for the bars with about 7 grams of fiber each serving, and there is no mention of added sugar.

7. Frozen Foods

Quit buying the frozen foods for your monthly grocery. Also, never rust the promising labels such as low fat, organic, or healthy meals because they are nothing but deception. The reality is that the frozen foods are filled with sodium, added sugars, and many other unhealthy ingredients that an average individual cannot enunciate.

We are well aware of the connection between processed foods and weight gain. The danger that one could get from consuming processed food can’t be emphasized enough. Spend some time cooking fresh, healthy food for yourself. Not only will it be affordable, but you can also have a check on the calorie count.

8. Cereals

The breakfast cereals come in many types—weight loss cereals, keto diet cereals, or fruit cereals. Please don’t believe what the label suggests because it’s only a lie. The grains are processed food, packed with an abundance of unhealthy ingredients. Instead of having processed cereals, you can try oats with fruits at breakfast.

9. Ice-creams

There is no doubt that deserts like ice creams come with a lot of added sugar, fats, and calories. A scoop of ice cream can hinder the process of losing weight rapidly. It is one of those foods that you shall avoid even on your cheat days.

To curb your sweet tooth, try some healthy desserts. You can make smoothies or smoothie bowls. You can also blend the frozen bananas and add some dark chocolate to them. In this way, you will enjoy the taste of ice-cream while staying healthy and fit.

But still, if you want ice cream and can’t curb your cravings, try a minimal amount like ½ cup only.

10. Microwave popcorns

You will find a variety of microwave popcorn in the market and grocery stores. All you have to do is put them in the microwave for a minute or two, and you are ready to eat them.

But before eating and even buying the popcorns, think twice that what you are eating will impede your weight loss journey or not? Bagged popcorns are paced with sodium, added sugars, unhealthy fats, preservatives, and carbohydrates that will contribute to your taste buds and weight gain.

On the other hand, if you go for homemade popcorns, you make a wise decision because they are low in calories. You can also add garlic powder or Italian herbs for taste. A slice of cheddar cheese can also be said if you are craving something crunchy yet cheesy.

11. Coffee

Coffee is considered to be a healthy drink, but no all the time. It is said that caffeine in coffee is very beneficial and helps boost metabolism and hence burn fats effectively. The problems with coffee start right after when we add cream or sugar into it.

These ingredients impede our weight loss growth and give us extra pounds on our bodies. If you want to drink coffee, it’s better to sip it without sugar and cream. Back coffee is another good option to opt for when it comes to losing weight.

12. Fruit juices

No doubt juices are healthy but remember the new researches have made the fruit juices a thing of the past. And it happens for some genuine reasons. The juices are filled with processed sugar and contain soda. If you want to drink a healthy fruit juice, squeeze some oranges and make juice out of it. To make it a sweater, try adding honey instead of sugar.

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