Ways of Generating Passive Income in 2021 | Earn money online in USA, Australia

6 Passive income ideas that can help you generate an additional $1,000 a month. Hey, Abhay kumar here and today in this article I’m going to be sharing with you six ways of generating passive income in 2021 that helps you for getting at least $1,000 a month.

YouTube channel:

Passive income is genearting by building up a YouTube channel. Youtube is one of the best money earning platform. Youtube is platform where creators upload their videos on channels. And if you are ready to earn money from youtube then you have to understand some things clearly.

Your Channel will monetize if your channel fulfil the youtube monetization policies. You created a new channel and then you started uploading videos.

The new rules for monetizing channel are you channel should have minimum 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time in the last 12 months. Once your channel completed the both conditions then you have to apply for monetization.

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Then your channel get monetized. And you starts earning from youtube. One question arises in your mind that how much can we earn on Youtube? Honestly I am tell you , you can earn money as you can. Make longer videos and you can earn more money.

Ways of Generating Passive Income in 2021 by youtube

One thing keep in mind that your content should be top quality. As more views you get on your videos you make more money and also you get more subscribers. You can make money upto 1000usd on youtube.

As youtube is a passive source of earning, make videos and these videos will you give money consistenly. You can earn money through livestream. In livestream people give you superchat and you will get money.

When I say YouTube channel, there are many different ways to generate passive income from it. Earn money by monetize through ad revenue. You can take viewers and funnel people off somewhere.

Also you can send people to your products, your courses, membership sites, sending people off to different software’s and tools that you can use in order to generate an affiliate income. This is the first way of generating Passive income in 2021.

Online courses:

Next is selling your own online courses. If you think about an online course, it’s got the highest margins. And in fact, this month is one of the best months because all consumption and attention online is pretty much all time high when everyone is stuck at home.

Ways of Generating Passive Income in 2021 by online course

Think about this, if you want to sell an online course the way to be successful is not about information because information is freely available anywhere. The reason why people pay you money is number one you are going to significantly shortcut and compress their learning curve.

Membership sites:

Membership sites is something that is recurring in nature. This could be your own product that you create where people have to pay a recurring fee every single month to be part of that program. Remember in affiliate marketing you could promoting somebody’s product that could be recurring.

This can be a software or tool that’s recurring. This could be supplements that’s recurring. This could be a membership site that’s recurring, where they would pay you a commission as long as this person continues being a recurring member.

Affiliate Marketing:

The another way of generating passive income in 2021 every month through affiliate marketing. Number three is about creating and promoting an affiliate products. This could be a physical product which is sold on Amazon.

This is a free affiliate program is called Amazon Associates where you can literally promote anything that is sold on Amazon, where they will pay you from about 5 to 10% on average. Recently they changed the price structure a bit, some is a little bit worse off right now.

Ways of Generating Passive Income in 2021 by affiliate marketing

Some remain the same, but approximately 5 to 10% promoting any type of physical product which is sold on Amazon Associates. Amazon Associates is the affiliate program, you can sign up for that.

As you are creating content on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, every time you create content, you’re now sending people off to programs like Amazon for physical products, programs like Click bank for digital products, or this could be specific E-commerce products or even software’s or services in your specific niche.

Somebody created that you could be promoting in order to get a commission. This could be physical products, this could be a service, all you need to do is lookout for the different programs in your niche that has got an affiliate offer attached to it, so that you can start promoting somebody else’s product in order to generate affiliate commissions.


You already know this. This could be by you sourcing products and delivering it via Amazon. Or this could be you setting up a simple Shopify store to sell merchandise, to sell jewellery, to sell clothing, but Shopify as well as many other sites, has actually made it super simple to deliver goods, to track it for fulfilment, to sell it as well as the setup without being programmer or coder.

E-commerce where you utilize one of these different platforms to build up an online store so that you can start selling products to build a passive income stream.


Webinars or presentations that could run every hour or once a day, where it is basically a presentation that you created once in your life. It could be a 90 minute speech where you actually teach and offer your audience amazing value and at the end of it all, offer something for sale. It’s passive because the sales process works for you.

Automated webinars is a great way where you create a presentation where you tell your story, you give amazing values. And at the end of the webinar, offer something that the audience can actually invest in.

I Hope you learnt something from here. In this article I told you ways of generating Passive Income in 2021. If you like this article comment below. Thank you.

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