How to grow Gaming Channel in 2020

Hey what’s up Guys, welcome back to Tech Info Diaries blogs. Today I am going to tell you How to grow gaming channel fast in 2020. This is  be very special if you have any gaming channel or if you are thinking of creating a new gaming channel.

For gaming channels there are some important tips you have to do. Today in this article i am going to tell you how you can grow your gaming youtube channel fast in 2020.

If you have a gaming channel or you are thinking of creating a new channel. If you start from zero subscriber then which things you have to remember and need to follow so that your channel will grow in only 1 month.

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Select good name and attractive logo for your gaming channel:

So let’s started, what mistake mostly people do by the time of creating new channel the first mistake they did take wrong name and wrong logo and for channel customization.

Let me tell you about Dynamo gaming when they use Gaming word then their content go to mostly Gaming content people. So in this way, first of all you have to choose a name in which you have to use word like Gaming word or word related to gaming like Streaming, streamers from which You Tube algorithm also get to know about your channel name.

So if you choose a better name then chances of getting better audience will increase with this if you choose better name then also apply for a attractive logo for channel make your own identity.

About section:

Whatever the work you do, whatever the channel you create, whatever the category you choose but if Customization is not good in your channel then you may face trouble.

Let me tell you how consider video of Live stream, tips and trick, giveaway videos. You can make a playlist of all these and can add it to your homepage so that whenever someone new visit your channel and see this channel gave giveaway, tips and live stream.

You have to remember “About” option, in about section you have to fill those things which you get in your channel means user gets whenever someone new comes on channel and search what do you get on the channel so it will be able to see easily and will engage with your content.

Channel Art: Grow Gaming Channel

You have to add Channel art, need to be of that kind like we add tricks, live stream and whatever your channel main content. It should be written on your Channel Art.

Create attractive thumbnail:

So what is your first impression that go to user its “Thumbnail”. If thumbnail is not good then whether how much your live stream is good user will think what rubbish is this. You can see carefully in big gaming channel like Mortal, Dynamo, or any other gaming channel.

Make that kind of thumbnail when you see it, you click on it yourself then chances of running your video will increase as comparison to before.

Provide extra values to viewers:

We all know there is not only 1 gaming channel in You Tube many channel are there but you have to do something different from them so that any particular user will engage with you.

You have to provide some special things to your subscriber, which they don’t get from any other channel if you possible to do this still makes a huge impression for long time that your channel will grow faster.

Don’t do live stream with zero subscriber:

The mistake that new gamer are doing because many gamer they have 0 subscriber and they think they can’t able to go live. They use any 3rd party application and try to do live stream because You Tube has clearly say you can’t go Live till your subscriber goes to 1000 so what people do they use other application they do broadcasting is that beneficial ??

Let me tell you whenever you start your new gaming channel then don’t take dream for live streaming in 0 subscriber unless you have 1000 subscribers. What is the benefit of going live why you are wasting your 2-2, 3-3 hours. You have to make only 5-10 minute short clip, means play game around 2 hours but take out main-main scene and cover it in 5-10 minutes and make.

You are only showing the main highlight of your complete live stream. Your user base will be strong and people will like to watch your video. You can also tell new tricks whenever you find something new like in PUBG whenever you find new hack then tell it directly.

Good team for live streaming:

You made a channel of PUBG and here you have start doing gaming. You have the skill but did your complete team mate have skill? According to me if you want to do live stream.

Consider that you want to do live stream so you have to look your 3 friends which can do good live streaming or can play well with you.

The first work will be this after that you will ask to your friends “in which field they are expert” one of them will say he drive good 2nd will say he takes the good knocks and 3rd will say he can do good firing. So in this way a unity is need among all of them.

Face value: Grow Gaming Channel

I haven’t told you which type of videos you need to upload see whenever you upload video of PUBG, Freefire, call of duty in YouTube. You would not notice one thing many people do, only record screen and gave voiceover and many people are show their face with screen recording.

Let me tell you by doing this it will effect your channel 60-70% it is fact, whether you understand it or not if anyone watch your face only once and like your content very much then one is your face became your branding second thing it makes a very good interaction with the user.

They also give you extra superchat and this helps your channel reach, engage and popular.

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