Health Benefits of Zinc Supplements: Vision, Diabetes, Acne,

Hello guys, welcome to my tech info diaries blog. Today I’m talking about the health benefits of zinc supplements.

What are the Health Benefits of Zinc?

So what are the health benefits of zinc Supplements? Well, we know certainly in the news lately that helping our immune system is of utmost importance. And what zinc does is actually works on two stages of our immune system being both the humoral.

Health Benefits of Zinc Supplements
Health Benefits of Zinc Supplements

So the antibody-antigen aspect of our immune system but also the T cell immunity and the cell-mediated part of a branch of the immune system. So it’s unique in that it’s working on both facets which are so important.

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When we’re looking at keeping our immune system strong especially in the event of a cold or flu virus that’s coming our way as well. It helps to decrease inflammation and we know that the inflammatory response definitely is not something that we want happening in our body.

Especially as we age in terms of longevity we want to make sure that we’re keeping that overall inflammation down in the body and doing it. You know by in a natural way by making sure we’re covering all our bases in terms of our vitamins and our mineral status.

And of course, zinc being a very important mineral in the body. It’s so important that we’re able to do that and you know to know that that correlation is there. So if you’ve got a lot of inflammation maybe it’s in the joints, maybe it’s an inflammatory condition in the gut.

Then you really have to make sure that you’re checking your zinc status.

Zinc Benefits for Men’s Health

Now zinc also helps with men’s health. So it really helps in testosterone production but also helps to decrease called DHT.

So dihydrotestosterone is the not-so-favorable type of testosterone that causes andropause symptoms.

Zinc level is an important thing that you know guys have to be on top of this and it’s when that DHT gets out of hand. This is when they lose their hair they deposit fat in all the wrong places and guys don’t like that so much.

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And it affects the libido and their you know virility as well. So really important that we are able to supplement zinc in natural and healthy ways another thing that zinc does is helps with carb metabolism.

So if you love carbohydrates you love your sweets you love all of those you know things that we shouldn’t be consuming too much of zinc has a lot to do with our insulin production.

So when we don’t have enough zinc then we could be compromised and this is where we can get into insulin resistance and you know that that whole addictive quality of carbohydrates is a big problem.

Zinc also helps with Vision

Now zinc also helps with our vision. So in terms of our eye health and in terms of the physiology.

Here what happens is that zinc helps to transport vitamin A to the retina which is at the back of the eye and that’s important for the proper vision and that’s important for night vision as well for us to be able to see clearly.

And without zinc then we can have that compromised vision and there’s definitely a correlation between zinc status and macular degeneration. So getting the right amount of zinc is important because of macular degeneration.

What we do is we lose that central focus so if I’m looking at you know I’m out in the woods and I’m looking whatever I’m looking directly at I would lose that focus and I would be able to see clearly around that area.

But what I’m directly focusing on would not be clear so that would be an indication of the macular degeneration and something to definitely consider the zinc deficiency as being. One of those things that you have to cover that base now zinc also helps with our insulin production

Zinc also Helps with Diabetes

So for diabetics, this is super important but also with wound healing. So zinc is very reparative to the skin and we know with diabetes that you’re certainly at higher risk for developing wounds and especially in the feet.

So you have to be super careful so in the combination of zinc with magnesium and vitamin k2 that correlation is there to help with the absorption of zinc but to really help to protect the skin.

And also to make sure that though if there is a wound that happens trauma to the skin that it will heal up more quickly and this is especially true for diabetics because it helps with the insulin as well.

Zinc Helps Acne

Zinc also helps with other skin conditions whether that’s acne. So chronic acne it could be related definitely to a zinc deficiency and it’s amazing when you start taking zinc getting more of it in the diet or taking a zinc supplement.

How the acne actually improves as well as rashes. So eczema, psoriasis would be again related to that zinc deficiency. These rashes can dramatically improve when you have the right amount of zinc in your body.

And also bleeding gum so that would be an indication of a vitamin C deficiency but also a zinc deficiency.

So it’s important again to make sure that you’re getting enough zinc. Another thing would be muscular pain so a lot of aches and pains in the body could be related to a zinc deficiency and this has to do with the protein synthesis and the body and zinc is reliant on helping us to make our proteins

Zinc Helps in Muscle Mass

We know that proteins are required for muscle formation and most of the zinc in our body actually sits in our muscles and that’s really important.

Especially as we age there’s something called sarcopenia which i’ve talked about in other videos and that’s the relative loss of muscle mass with the aging process and is something that we definitely want to stave off .

We do not want to be in that situation of muscle mass we have to maintain our healthy muscles that’s what keeps us upright able to be energetic and go you know and do our exercise and all the things that keep us young and healthy.

So zinc has a lot to do with this and it’s so important that we have enough zinc in our body every day another thing is viral infections so certainly top of mind absolutely. So whether it’s with colds and flus zinc helps with the fever as well.

And because remember it’s working on both branches of the immune system. To that’s really important but also helps with swelling of the mucous membrane.

So if you’ve got a runny nose and a sore throat or maybe your lungs are acting up and you have a cough then the zinc can be really helpful.

Yes for the immune system absolutely but also for the actual symptomatic relief of being able to take it for those conditions because it helps to soothe those mucous membranes.

I hope that you learned something new here on Health Benefits of Zinc Supplements which is so interesting to me especially.

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