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What’s up guys Abhay kumar here from Tech info Diaries. So in this article I’m going to tell you about the brand new smartphone Honor 9X. I performed various test to find out  exactly what this smartphone is capable of. Now my review will include disc speeds, Wi-Fi, GPS, DRMs,  benchmarks,  some gaming,  camera tests.


So have you looked at CPU Z you can see that we have an 8 core CPU with the Mali G-51. This is a Kirin 710 processor and is clocked at a maximum of 2.19 gigahertz system. Information shows that android version of 9 and this phone does have EMUI 9.1.0. We are now moving at the DRM info and you can see Google Widevine level 1 which means you can play Netflix in HD quality with YouTube supports a maximum of 1080p at 60 frames per second. Now in the speed test we got download speeds of 34 mbps and upload speeds of 19 megabits per second. Get next up to quick GPS test so, this is an indoor test and we’re gonna see how quickly we can obtain a fix so within a few seconds we have connected to a number of satellites. This is an indoor test so pretty decent GPS . Benchmark chart to see how this phone ranks with the other top devices. So without any further delay, let’s get started.


Boot speed:


Now first of all, I performed the boot up speed test. This smartphone was totally off and I’ve got my timer ready. It took 21 seconds to fully boot to the home screen.


Internal storage speeds:


So next one we performed the internal storage speeds. So, here are results read speeds 553 mb/s and write speeds 209mb/s.


Gaming performance:


So moving on to the gaming test and I was began with asphalt 9. Gameplay is smooth and I can’t see any lag issue. It handle the game easily. Next game I played was PUBG. No frame drops were seen while playing pubg. Gameplay is smooth without lagging, gitters. Overall  it’s okay in the gaming segment.


Fingerprint Sensor:


So now I’m gonna be testing out the fingerprint scanner. There is a physical sensor on the back side and  it’s quite easy to reach. It is quite accurate but there is one or two second delay from me pressing the fingerprint. In actually unlocking the smartphone definitely not the fastest fingerprint sensor. We’ve seen now unfortunately there is no face unlock feature available at the moment on this smartphone.




Let’s move on cameras, I am beginning with the front-facing camera. I recorded a video in 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second and I can confirm that there is no video stabilization in the front-facing camera. I have not seen any option for image stabilization. The video quality does look decent but unfortunately without stabilization you do have a shaky video. Of course this is a pre-release model and I’m hoping that a firmware update will give us the stabilization that we expect. I also tested out 1080p at 30 frames per second and again there was no option for image stabilization. The honor 9x shines that have a forty eight megapixel main sensor and you can take some pretty good-looking shots effortlessly now photos look detailed with good dynamic range you can see all the detail in the sky accurate colors, shadows and saturation.


I even did a quick photo comparison against the oneplus 7T and I have to say the honor 9x held up pretty well against it. Let me know which one you think looks better in  photo comparison between the oneplus and the 9X.


Benchmarks scores:


So Let’s talk about the benchmark scores. I started benchmarks score beginning with Geekbench and here are the results single core score is 321 and multi-core score is 1292. And in the antutu benchmark test we achieve the total score of  176k.




Now let’s talk about the extras there is a headphone jack, micro SD card slot and a fingerprint sensor but we do not have an IP rating, no NFC ,no fast charging, no wireless charging and no face unlock. The honor 9x is a new affordable smart phone you will get a decent user experience a great 48 megapixel camera for photos. Decent display and design, big battery and a pop-up selfie camera. 




Here are my thoughts on this device. This is a budget to mid-range handset. You have provided Gorilla Glass protection on the front with no notch. It’s a full screen display with an exciting new pop up camera. It also feels like gorilla glass on the back with a reflective X pattern somehow embedded in the design the frame seems to be made from plastic finished in shiny blue. Overall I like the design it is attractive and feels great in the hands. Performance is pretty good with the Kirin 710F, it is an octa-core CPU with the Mali G-51. Gaming and multimedia looked great on the large screen and you can play more or less any game including call of duty mobile, PUBG. EMUI  version 9.1.0 will give you an overall smooth experience. Now the camera Department is certainly interesting you can record a maximum of 1080p with the front and rear cameras the video quality looks good but stabilization is non-existent.


However, you can take very decent photos with all the cameras including a pretty decent night mode. You have a single loudspeaker which does indeed get pretty loud and the quality is also not that bad. You have a decent battery life with 4000 milliamp hours and this phone can last you nearly two days depending on your usage. This phone does not support fast charging so unfortunately it takes 2.5 hours to fully charge. The phone fingerprint sensor is accurate and fairly fast with a slight second delay before unlocking so not the fastest. You have a cool looking pop-up camera but unfortunately face unlock is not supported on this device.

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