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Hello everyone, welcome to tech info diaries blog. Today I’m going to talk about how to do intermittent fasting the right way. I’ve got a few tips and tricks that really helped me with intermittent fasting and doing prolonged fasts as well.

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How to do Intermittent Fasting the right way
How to do Intermittent Fasting the right way

How To Do Intermittent Fasting the right way?

How to do intermittent fasting the right way? Well, there are different ways of doing intermittent fasting. Probably the best way to ease your way into intermittent fasting is to do something called the 16-8.

So this means basically 8 hours of your eating window. A great example is you start eating at about 12 noon and you stop eating at 8:00 pm and that was 8 hours.

And then you don’t eat anything you just have fluids liquids without any sugar or any you know types of macronutrients between that 8:00 p.m and 12 noon the next day. So that would be the 16-8.

18-6 is another popular way of doing it so six hours of eating or the 24. so four hours would be a little bit more extreme especially if you’re new to intermittent fasting just four hours of an eating window and 20 hours of fasting.

How To Make Intermittent Fasting Easy

How do you make intermittent fasting easier for yourself? Well, there are some acceptable liquids with intermittent fasting.

And number one that I love is actually an electrolyte drink that I make myself that has naturally some minerals that I add in magnesium. So the type of magnesium that I take is glycemic. This is fantastic because it helps to balance your electrolytes as well.

I’ll put a little bit of Himalayan salt in here and I’ll often add some potassium which is naturally occurring in the cream of tartar. You can take a bit of chlorophyll. I always drink my chlorophyll water throughout the day and a bit of.

You can add in a flavor enhancer that is sweetened with stevia. So that’s not going to have any impact on my blood glucose levels but it’s just a nice way to get through the fast and the hours when i am fasting to have this delicious drink balancing my electrolytes again.

Because of that mineral balance that i want to maintain and sometimes people will experience their electrolytes being out of whack when they start fasting or if they’re doing a prolonged fast.

So this can really help with the headaches and you know not feeling great and your energy levels when your electrolytes can become out of balance when you’re doing your fasting.

Another acceptable liquid is water. So you could also flavor it with some lemon or lime you could also use some cucumber slices in your water or orange slices. You just want to be minimal here because if you’re fasting again.

You don’t want to give your body anything that’s going to raise your blood glucose levels herbal teas are also fantastic again without any sugar or honey.

And you don’t want to be adding anything in that will raise your glucose levels but that’s again a great way to get through those hours in your fasting window. When you’re doing your intermittent fasting and coffee.

So yes coffee is allowable again without any sweetener without any sugar and to be able to do this sometimes you can use a little bit of unsweetened almond milk if you want to make a latte especially if you’re doing the dirty fasting.

And i find that for me that’s the best and easiest way to get through especially a prolonged fast is that I still allow myself the coffee

Fasting Mistakes That Can Make You Gain Weight

So there are mistakes that can be made when we’re fasting that can actually make you gain weight. So the intermittent fasting mistakes that can make you gain weight would be your re-feeding.

When you are finished your fasting portion of the day or of a prolonged fast your next meal is very important. So you don’t want to go to you know some of those not.

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So healthy meals that you may be craving and it’s interesting the more you fast the less you’re going to crave the bad foods but that would not be recommended.

Another mistake would be to have fat-filled coffee. So when you’re adding things like ghee or butter and the coconut oil to your coffee and doing that that is very high in calories.

So, you know some people consider this is okay during your fasting i think because the calorie content is so high it’s difficult definitely to to get all of the benefits of fasting.

If you’re utilizing this especially you know more often than not and i know some people kind of use it as a crutch because it keeps them full you’re in the ketotic state which is fantastic but you know just watch those calories and certainly if you are leptin resistant.

So you will not get the benefits as someone else who has leptin sensitivity when you’re doing your intermittent fasting.

Why it’s so important that you get your leptin in check first before you try intermittent fasting to really maximize the benefits of doing the intermittent fasting especially if you’re looking for some weight loss

How Often Should We Do Intermittent Fasting

How often should you do intermittent fasting? Well, I like to cycle it so you’re not doing it every day it’s usually not recommended that this is an everyday thing and you definitely want to cycle it so you maximize the benefits.

But you’re not down-regulating your metabolism by having fewer calories in the day especially if you are dropping your overall calories on a daily basis during your fat.

So I often get the question should I work out while I am fasting and that’s a great question now it really depends on how long you’re fasting for how intense it is but I do recommend some light movement.

So moving our body we know is very important. I love yoga for incorporating into a fast because it is light movement now depending on the type of yoga that you’re doing it could be a little bit more rigorous but it’s a great way to have that mind, body. spirit connection.

It really helps during your fast another thing that’s great is pilates and stretching so and depending on the type of yoga or pilates again there could be different.

You know levels of exertion but stretching is always good it helps to keep that blood flow going into our joints into our muscles which is so helpful i also love walking so getting outdoors with all of these types of exercises is super important.

And to make sure that we’re tying in now with our circadian rhythm but getting all of the benefits of that fresh air outside as well goes a long way especially when you are fasting.

I hope you learn something new here about How to do Intermittent Fasting the right way?

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