How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2021| from a Six Figure Blogger

hey guys ever since i started a blog and started making money i am always getting asked how do i   start a blog and make money i am literally going to   give you the blueprint on how to start a blog and make money so by the end of this video   you will have a clear understanding on how to get started today now i like to be

very clear   about how this whole blogging thing works and i want to make sure that you guys understand that   it takes a while to make money i only made five thousand dollars the first year i got started   and most bloggers i know they barely made that but after a lot of hard work and long nights i made   six figures the very next year and now i make five figures every single month now i’ve never dreamed   that i could make

this much money ever especially being a stay-at-home mom with three kids four and   under but with blogging it is possible so i need to ask you are you willing to put in the work   for something you might not see a return on for an entire year or more if your answer is yes let’s go okay so there are six important steps

you need to take when you want to start a blog and make money   the first thing you need to do is choose a niche now the only way to make money blogging is by   helping people and you need to think of one main reason someone will come to your website so you   should be able to fill in this blank i help people blank mine is i help moms find legitimate ways to   make money from home with kids you see it is

very specific now i do write about other things on my   blog but that is the main reason someone would come to my website so you really want to think   about this and i just did a video on 18 profitable niches you can choose from that i’ll put in the   description below so you can check it out after this

video the next thing you need to do is get   a domain name so a domain name is simply the name of your website like the domain of my website is so when you’re thinking about what to name your website you want to make   sure it’s easy to pronounce and spell you want to try and make your domain name short if possible   now i know my domain name is a little long tried and true mom jobs but if

you can try and make it   shorter than that that’s even better you also want to try and be descriptive so if you can try and   put a keyword into your blog name like i did mine without even realizing the benefit of it you see i   have mom and jobs in my domain name and i really do believe that that has helped me rank better   on google and it just helps people automatically know what they’re gonna find on my website tried   and true

mom jobs but if you’re having a hard time putting a keyword in your domain name don’t   let that deter you i mean look at forbes there’s no keyword in their domain name and they’re huge   remember you make the name so if you can’t think of a keyword to put in your domain name don’t let   it deter you from going ahead and get started and choosing a name so i use namecheap to purchase all   my domain names and i did a

step-by-step guide on how to do all this stuff i’m gonna put it in the   description below so you can check it out and follow along when you’re setting up your blog   next you’re gonna need to get hosting so hosting is the home of your website so you know the   pictures on your website the words all the html css stuff that i

still don’t understand that needs   to live somewhere it has to be hosted by something now there are a ton of hosting sites out there but   i use siteground and that is what i recommend i have a step-by-step guide that’s going to guide   you through all this stuff so don’t worry about all this technical stuff now websites like wix and   squarespace it seems like they are very easy to use but i could go on all day about why you should   not

use those platforms when you’re starting a blog and trying to make money you need to use   wordpress and when i’m talking about wordpress i’m talking about the completely 100&   free version not but my guide will walk you through all this stuff so it’s going to   start making sense once you get started the next step is that you’re going to need to choose a   theme for your website now a theme is a

pre-built design that’s completely customizable and it gives   you structure on how to design your site without having any knowledge of this html and css stuff   and you can make it completely your own now these are a couple examples of themes or better known   as website templates where you can put all your information in there and just make it   your own and it looks very professional now i’m going to walk you

through all this once again   through my guide so don’t worry about all of this but this is where the fun begins the next thing   you want to do is to come up with things to write about now i recommend writing at least five to ten   articles before you’re ready to hit publish on your website because when i launched my site i   wanted it to look established i didn’t want people coming to my website thinking or knowing that it   was

a brand new website now to find content ideas i always recommend writing content that people can   find on google because where is the one place that most people go when they have a question   it’s google and what do you find when you search for things on google it’s blog articles you want   your blog articles to show up on google so you can get consistent traffic to your website since most   people are searching for things

on google now i have a video that walks through all this stuff   and how i write my articles to rank on google so i’m going to put those videos in the description   as well okay so now that you have a general idea on how to start a blog and create content the most   important part is now how you’re gonna make money now my favorite part about blog is that most of   the income is passive like right now i’m filming this video and i’m

making money so i’m gonna bring   my google analytics up right here and this is what you’ll want to do as well so you’ll find   out who’s on your website and where they came from but you should be able to see right now my   real-time visitors so these are the people who are on my website right now and because i have ads on   my website i’m making money right now just from people reading my articles so the first way that   you can make money from your blog is through ads so when someone simply reads one of my articles   and

passes an ad that is known as an ad impression and i make money from that so the more people that   you can get to read your articles the more money you can make the most that i have ever made in one   month from ads has been eight thousand dollars i cannot believe i’ve ever made that much money   in ads but it happened since we’re going through a pandemic right now my ad revenue has decreased   significantly and right now i’m around like 4-5,000 per month so when you’re just starting out   most people join the ad

network google adsense because there are no traffic requirements now i’m   going to leave applying to them up to you because i have heard that it does slow down your website   and when i was with them i only made a hundred and forty seven dollars for the   three months that i was with them now i switched to another ad network that i’m still with today   mediavine and they pay like five to ten times more than google adsense

when i joined mediavine i had   to have 25,000 sessions within the last 30 days to my website so i had to wait till i had enough   traffic to my website in order to even apply to their network get accepted and then go through the   whole process of them getting ads on my website they have now upped it to 50,000 so it’s

going to   take a lot of work to get accepted to mediavine but it is so worth it if you can if that is one   of the ways that you want to make money through your blog my friends at dollarsprout they took   ads off their website and only focus on affiliate marketing which i’m gonna talk about next and they   make a hundred thousand dollars per month guys so don’t think that ads needs to be your main source   of income and it’s

actually what you don’t want you don’t want to depend on ads because when the   pandemic hit my ad revenue was severely cut and i would have suffered if that was my only source   of income you definitely want to diversify your income when you’re making money from your blog   so the next way you can make money from a blog is through affiliate marketing and this is how i   make the most of my money now affiliate

marketing is when you refer someone to a product or service   using a unique referral link and if they make a purchase through your link you earn a commission   now i did a whole step-by-step guide on how to get started doing this and how i make money doing   this so i will put that video in the description below so you can check it out after this video   the next way you can make money blogging is through sponsorships so once you start building   an audience companies will pay you to promote their products or services

sometimes they’ll reach   out to you or you can actually reach out to them with a proposal of exposure you can get for them   for a fee now that i get a consistent amount of traffic to my website i charge 1,000 for a   sponsored post i don’t do too many of these because i like recurring revenue better the   next way to make money blogging is through selling your own products now a ton of bloggers do this   and they make really good money doing this they sell their digital products in the form of ebooks   or courses and they do really

well they use their blog as a platform to promote their products it   just makes so much sense if you have a product to sell you should have a blog to support it alright   so now that you have an understanding of how to make money blogging let’s talk about how you want   to get traffic to your website so you can

actually make some money now i get the bulk of my traffic   from google and pinterest so as a new blogger i recommend to learn how to get your articles   to rank on google which i have a whole series on teaching you how to do this on this channel and   i’ll put those videos in the description below so you can check those out and i also recommend that   you use pinterest as a way to boost your traffic as well i have literally tried all the different   ways to get traffic to my website and these seem to be the only two platforms where i can get   consistent massive traffic to my website where i get over 200,000 pages per month to my website

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