Infinix Hot 9 Play

Hello and welcome to Tech Info diaries blog. My name is Abhay Kumar. Today In this article I will give review  on Infinix Hot 9 Play. Infinix has been launching some great products in the market for quite some time now. It has two variants 2GB RAM, 32GB Internal Storage.

And I reviewed the device, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage. If you are interested in buying this phone, read this article before buying this will helps you. This phone comes in various colours, including Cyan, Purple, Midnight Black colour. And it’s highlight features are it’s very huge battery and large display

In the Box:

Now let’s move towards the box of mobile. The first thing you get after opening the box is Infinix Hot 9 Play Handset. The phone is very large in size, feels more like a tablet than a phone. It comes with a SIM ejector tool in the box.

There is some product manuals. A screen protector that you have to apply by yourself and a hard-shell plastic case. There is a 10W power brick i.e. 2 amp a micro USB Cable and a hand free handset.

Build Quality and Design:

Infinix Hot 9 Play has a plastic build. Gorilla Glass is very rare in this price range. Therefore, there is regular glass at the front. The back has a glossy finish along with it, you also get a geometrical shape design at the back. Power button and volume rockers are at the right side of the device.

Whereas at the left side there is a dual SIM tray. An interesting thing is that the speaker is added at the top of the earpiece. Whereas, below there is a mic micro USB port and a headphone jack.


Talking about the display, Infinix Hot 9 Play has a 6.82 inches, very huge, IPS LCD Display. Which has an HD+ resolution that is 720 x 1640. It’s pixel density becomes 263 ppi. On top of the display there is a dewdrop notch. I personally prefer dewdrop notch over hole punch cutout and other types of notches. If we talk about the quality of the display and resolution it looks good.

Don’t expect colour accuracy in this price range but the colours are suitable for daily usage and even with this huge display 720p resolution was in no way pixelated.


Moving forward, if we talk about the camera setup of Hot 9 Play there’s a dual camera setup given at the back which has a 13MP main camera along with it there’s a QVGA low light sensor. However, the front has an 8MP Selfie Shooter.

As you can see they’ve given a very basic camera setup and if we talk about the video, then the maximum video recording resolution of front and back camera is 1080p at 30 fps.

If we talk about the image samples, the images from Infinix Hot 9 (Play) is of an entry level camera. This phone will take images of very basic quality. Where the quality of color reproduction and clarity will be just manageable.

And the camera will struggle with Dynamic Range. We usually don’t get good cameras in this price range.


If we move forward and talk about the specifications and internals of the phone, inside of Infinix Hot 9 play there is a MediaTek 6762 processor which is equivalent to Helio A25. This is basically an Octacore processor based on 12nm architecture.

Alongside this, the phone has a PowerVR GE8320 GPU. Now, the 2GB RAM variant of this phone has a quad core processor meaning Mediatek 6761 and there is a PowerVR 8300 GPU. Therefore the 2GB variant will have a lower performance. Varient of 4GB RAM and 64GB built in storage, has an eMMC 5.1 storage.


And if we talk about the performance of this phone among the benchmarks in Geekbench 4. The single-core score of Infinix Hot 9 Play came 744 whereas, multi-core score came 3,816. However, on the other hand, in Antutu  score of this phone came 98,947 As you can see this is an entry level performance.

This phone will not be able to handle high end gaming and may not work efficiently in heavy applications but your daily usage apps like Social media apps or Video content consumption apps or your basic games that you can play casually. For example PUBG will run on low settings in this phone but the game will be playable and you could manage.

Although, a very high end gaming might not be possible here. If we talk about expansion, there is a full dual sim support in Hot 9 Play. That is to say you can insert two SIMs and a micro SD card altogether in it.

Fingerprint Sensor and Speaker Position:

Further moving towards the fingerprint sensor, the fingerprint sensor of the phone is at the back and you can see how the speed is I don’t think that you will have any issues with it on daily usage.

Now if we talk about the speakers of this phone, so it’s speaker is given at the top inside the ear piece which is usually given here at the bottom. Therefore, I found this choice to be quite odd because I’m not used to it.

Speaker’s Quality:

But if we talk about the quality of the speaker, the sound was very flat, you won’t find any base in it, you’ll get slightly heavier treble in it and if you increase the volume you will feel that the sound quality is not that good.

But since it is a budget device, you obviously can not expect the finest quality. But if you will watch a lot of movies on this phone I would suggest you use headphones in order to get a better experience with the movie.

Android version and Interface UI:

Hot 9 Play has Android 10, out of the box and over it there is an Infinix’s own XOS. You also get some ads and bloatware along with it. But you can turn those ads off and can unintall the bloatware too. And after doing all this I felt the interface experience to be quite smooth and clean.

Battery and Charger:

Moving forward, we will talk about the battery and charging setup of Infinix Hot 9 Play. Here we have a huge 6,000 mAh battery. So, this is a big plus point of this phone. Along with it a 10 watt charger comes with the phone that is to say, the phone will take 4-5 hours to get full charged.

Meaning, when the battery dies you will have to charge it overnight. But once this phone is charged, it is a battery beast. It’s battery will run for a very long time I won’t be surprised, if the battery would give 2-3 days or more if your usage is light.

Therefore, this phone is suited for people who watch a lot of movies or those who require a long battery life for their phones, or their profession is like that or they travel a lot things like that. When you combine a 720p Display and a lower power processor with a very huge battery the battery life usually comes out great.


Moving forward, let’s talk about some of my conclusions. Firstly, I’ll begin with the things that I didn’t really like about this phone. It’s camera is very weak and it’s quite basic. There is a dual camera setup let alone a triple or a quad camera setup.

Along with it, I didn’t really like it’s speaker either. Specially, considering that this device is made for content consumption therefore, the speaker quality should have been slightly better. Where this phone has large display and it’s huge battery.

This phone is great for those who watch a lot of videos and movies on their phone because this phone’s display is quite large it’s 720p. Therefore, doesn’t draw that much power along with it, the battery is also huge. This phone can also be great for those who require longer battery life for one reason or another. Whether their work demands it or they travel often.

Along with it, this phone might also be great for students who use their phone for their studies a big display is great for taking notes. So, if you want a Note or a tablet type of a phone this phone is fine for that purpose specially in the budget price range. But I want to know your thoughts about Infinix Hot 9 Play.

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