Lifehost Review

In this Lifehost review I’m going to be showing you how you can get unlimited hosting for unlimited domains for a one-time price and make sure you stay until the end of this review.

As i’m also going to be showing you all the otos and upgrades you’re going to be offered  

So you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into websites and domains on ultra fast servers for life at an unbeatable one-time price.

Host and market unlimited websites on the most reliable cloud-based servers using our next generation software on the planet.

So as they claim here they have zero downtime and fastest loading ever. Host all your website content including your images, videos and files.  

An intuitive user interface you can do wordpress, or you can do html sites. Host wordpress websites for lifetime.

They say here host as many websites as you like complete website protection with free end-to-end ssl encryption, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited personalized email account creation.  

It has a wordpress installer so if you use wordpress you can use it with this and it says bid farewell to limited subscription platform.

So a lot of stuff that they’re offering here for a very low price and of course if you use any of these other platforms out there you’re looking at paying a ton of money on yearly basis here.

So with this you just go and you enter in your domain name so you will need to have a domain name so they’re not giving you that for free.

You will need to buy a domain name they can cost anywhere from one dollar to ten dollars.  

So you will need a domain name but they say you can add as many domains as you like uh integrate wordpress or any app that you want with a couple of clicks here.

Step 3:

Access your sites from anywhere in the world uh limitless bandwidth inbuilt malware protection and 100  up time.

Now this is ridiculously cheap here uh and it’s like probably some of you were saying to yourself like how can it be that cheap. I don’t know but it’s really it’s really inexpensive.

They probably are already using servers for their businesses already so they’re just making it so if we’re already using the service and already paying for them.

We might as well uh sell it as well and another thing that they’re probably banking on is that most people that get websites and this is why big companies like hostgator have their hosting.

As well most people that have websites they set up a website they don’t get a ton of traffic the times when these hosting companies.

When it costs them money is when these people have like tons and tons of traffic coming to their websites well most people don’t have a ton of traffic like if i think about my dad’s he has a real estate website he doesn’t get a ton of traffic on his website.

He gets some people coming and looking once in a while but it’s not like he’s getting millions of views every month to that so most people uh don’t get a ton of views.

So that’s probably what they’re banking on here uh for for that so yeah it’s a ridiculous little price uh and it’s for for anyone that is looking for extra hosting maybe you’re already paying for some hosting for somewhere.

Maybe you’ve got some extra websites some extra domains sitting around that you’d like to get hosted but you didn’t want to pay monthly for different hosting.

Now you can use this to host them with again at the time of of recording this it’s around 14 that price is going to keep going up.

So whatever price you see when you get here that’s the cheapest price you’re going to be getting it for so this is kind of interesting frequently asked questions.

Is it cloud-based yes it’s called software doesn’t matter if you’re on a mac or pc uh it’s for marketers they don’t have a monthly fee.

Now but they’re they’re going to have money in the future um training support of course included with this so that’s the that’s the offer here.

Let’s take a look at the actual back end area so you can see how this works so this is what the dashboard looks like here and it’s really simple to set up.

They’ve got videos of course on training but to set up a website you just go and click on create virtual server and you’re going to need to point your website over to their hosting.

So they have training on how to do that it’s really really easy to do if you don’t know how to do it but you will need to point your website over.

So let’s say your domain name was mike’s site dot com so you have to point it over to their hosting from the registrar from like godaddy or wherever you purchase your domain.

You’re going to see some things start popping up here where it’s going to show uh going here we go creating the home directory the dns zone the email domains list the the mail aliases.

It has all that stuff too like mailers and stuff so if you’re doing mailing from other software you can you can use that as well with this adding your new virtual website performing other apache configurations.

So it’s doing all that here in the background and that’s going to go down and once it’s done with that i’m not going to wait it takes about when i first did it it took about a minute two minutes for it to install then you can go over to install scripts.

Here you go over to install scripts and what you can do is you can see these the scripts that are installed on there.

Now and then you can see available scripts so a script is just like a program like wordpress so if you want to install wordpress you just click on there show install options and then you would click on install now and it’s going to install wordpress.

On your domain you can see it doing its whole thing right here and then you can just log in and you have your website you already set up so that that’s how easy it is to get going with this they also have a file manager here and there’s stuff here for like more techy people.

So i stay away from a lot of this stuff because i’m afraid of it and i don’t want to mess things up but they’ve got like a file manager here server configuration details uh you can check out your file manager and like add stuff in and do whatever you want with this.

I if you don’t know what you’re doing i would stay away from there uh they’ve got little extra services here preview website protected directories all that stuff here but yeah that’s that’s how easy it is to set up a website uh with their their hosting.

Now they do have a few oto so let’s take a look at those up what those upgrades are together okay so the first upgrade you’re gonna see uh and it’s this is for if you’re worried about like your website getting hacked or whatever uh they have a one-click file backup.

So you never have to worry if something does happen you have everything backed up any like limitations will be removed with this and you get a commercial license.

And i think that’s really really incredible that now you can take this and you can actually sell these websites and imagine being able to go or sell these domains you can go on places like fiverr and sell hosting to people for like five bucks and you you have all these different accounts.

So you can go and you can you could sell this as a service to people i think that’s a huge opportunity there i don’t know about you but i think that’s that’s a that’s a huge one and um pricing on that is really incredibly cheap look at that that’s that’s crazy.

Next one here is migration so and also activate done for your templates so this will um they they’ll do the work for you to create money making pages uh done for your websites they’ll migrate uh migration drag and drop builder and you can uh they said edit to perfection with live editing.

So it looks like a page editor with this they show some money that they made with some of these done for your sites but um yeah this is log into your account um they give you the done for your templates and then you can start using those to make money with.

So if you want to it’s just an optional upgrade let’s take a look at the pricing for that around 67 depending on when you get here for that so that’s that one unlimited cloud drive.

so this is so you can actually store stuff if you want to create publicly shareable links and have storage for all all your your your video your videos and your your data and your photos and all that stuff you can put it in here and that one let’s show you the price for that really cheap as well like ridiculously cheap.

here’s uh seo so they’re gonna optimize your your website so you can get free traffic to that uh they’ve got uh just some extra features with for seo with this uh with this upgrade and this one.

right here so this is the pricing for that uh and then here we have the agency you can start selling live hosts like it’s your own software so you can just go up there instead of selling it like individual hosts you can actually sell the software to people so they can have their own uh log in with this you can give people their their full access to their own accounts with this one that’s a pretty huge opportunity.

there as well i love like hosting opportunities like this this one costs more but it’s a huge opportunity because really you’re able to like go and sell actual hosting with the other ones like commercial license you can like sell hosting but you’re managing everything with this you can like you can set up your own uh their own account for them

so that’s that’s huge and then the last one is resellers so you can actually sell like as a kind of like as an affiliate but getting like a hundred percent commissions through the funnel uh with this so you can get this one and this one reseller is uh 97

so there’s that offer as well so what do i like about Lifehost and what don’t i like about it if i had to say something that i don’t like about it i wish they had included the commercial license on the front end that would have made it a complete no-brainer now

if people want to actually sell these they’re going to need to upgrade and if you want to actually sell actual accounts to people you will need to purchase that agency license however that being said what do i like about it

i think that this is a huge opportunity for anyone who picks this up and then upgrades to that agency license go out there actually sell accounts to people you have a ticket to to print money with this since it’s a great offer you can sell people unlimited hosting for unlimited domains people are going to eat this up

i’m sure that this is going to be a really popular offer if you’re excited about it i’m sure other people will too thank you so much for checking out my review today if you want to pick up Lifehost go ahead

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