List of Food to Eat for Hypothyroidism | Food that low Thyroid

Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog. Today I’m discussing List of Food to Eat for Hypothyroidism. The foods that you can eat. So this is the diet for hypothyroidism. Nine foods to eat to help that low thyroid.

So the first grouping are foods from the sea to help to improve hypothyroidism.

List of Food to Eat for Hypothyroidis
List of Food to Eat for Hypothyroidis

List of Food to Eat for Hypothyroidism

Kelp or Seaweed

So food number one is kelp or seaweed and they naturally contain iodine. We know that iodine is really helpful for the proper formation of our thyroid hormones and it is absolutely essential for a proper functioning thyroid.

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Food number two is oysters. So oysters are so plentiful in terms of the essential nutrients that we need for our thyroid. So not only do they contain iodine but they also have natural seawater. Especially when you’re eating them raw and also zinc which is really important for our thyroid function as well.


Food number three is seafood. In general, because seafood does contain something called DHA which is docosahexaenoic acid. It’s that omega-3 fatty acid that our bodies do not produce as humans yet.

We tend to be very deficient in and this is really important for the electrical signaling in our cells to be able to convert sunlight energy into that active energy potentials in our cellular function.

So really important that we eat enough seafood and that dha now if you’re not a seafood person. If you don’t like to consume seafood now the next grouping of foods for low thyroid or hypothyroidism are the non-vegetarian sources to help with that under-functioning thyroid.


Food number four on my list is pork. So pork contains sulfur. And sulfur is really important again for that electrical signaling in our body.

It helps with our vitamin D production. So it’s really important that our cells have enough of this sulfur and pork is one of the best sources of that sulfur.


Food number five on the list is are eggs. So eggs contain iodine but also selenium. And selenium is a natural mineral that is absolutely essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

Now I have some vegetarian food sources list of Food to Eat for Hypothyroidism.


So food number six on my list is water. We need to drink more water. Most of us are completely dehydrated having a good quality fluoride-free ideally spring water that comes from the mountains is ideal.

Of course, that doesn’t have other toxicity in the water itself and this helps to activate our cells to be able again to use that sunlight energy and turn it into that in the internal batteries function of our cells. So that’s really important to make sure that you stay hydrated.

Brazil Nuts

Food number seven are brazil nuts. So I mentioned earlier about selenium. So brazil nuts if you’re just eating two or three a day contain selenium which is absolutely essential for proper thyroid function and can really help to jump start your thyroid if it’s under functioning.

Coconut Oil

Food number eight is coconut oil. So I love coconut oil. It is a natural anti-inflammatory oil and contains medium chain triglycerides. So these are great for fat burning potential in our body but also really supportive for that thyroid function.


Food number nine is sauerkraut on my list.

I hope you learnt something about List of Food to Eat for Hypothyroidism.

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