Make money from blogging for beginners

Do you believe blogging is tough? So, my answer is no at all. In today’s time blogging is not so hard. Today I will tell you about make money from blogging for beginners. what is Blogging? How to start blogging? What are the ways of earning through blogging? What are the benefits of blogging?

Earn money from blogging

So let’s get started. Before I start I want to tell you about what is a blog? Whenever you search on Google or in any search engine. Some results appear related to your query and that all are blog Posts. These posts are called blogs and that person publish the blog post is a blogger. Writing a blog post and publishing the post this is blogging.

How to start blogging?

First, you need a domain & hosting. There are many platforms for blogging but mainly we are focusing on bloggers and WordPress. If you using a blogger then you don’t need any hosting by if you use WordPress then you have to buy hosting also.

Blogger is simple and has limited functions whereas in WordPress there are many functionalities for customizing your post or articles. If you are new in the blogging field then go with blogger. And if you know something about blogging then go with WordPress. In blogging, you have to write your article unique and post them.

Don’t copy someone’s contents. After all setup weather, it is on Blogger or WordPress, you have to select a niche for your blog. After selecting a niche you have to post your articles and you can use images also in your blog. I will give you some tips for articles.

Write your article in your language but it should be unique. Mainly focus on your content if your content is good then your blog posts will rank on google search.

Make money from blogging for beginners

There are various ways of earning through blogging. I am telling you the main few ways of earning. Affiliate marketing, you can also earn through affiliate marketing by promoting someone’s products.

You have to create an account on Amazon, Flipkart after that you sell their products. You have to do paste links in your blog post and you will get some commission if someone buys products through your links.

What are the benefits of Blogging?

You can share your ideas or knowledge in this world. You will learn many things about technology, latest updates and you will learn many new skills like SEO, digital marketing, etc if you are doing blogging. Y

ou will learn how to rank on google search. You can earn money through blogging as much you can, there is no limit for earning, it depends on your work. You will grow fast in the blogging field.

Now I will tell you how many types of blogging exists? Blogging is of two types. The first type of blogging is Event Blogging and the second type of blogging is Permanent Blogging.

So, I am starting with event blogging. What is Event Blogging? In Event blogging, blogging has been done in the special seasons like Diwali, Holi, or any festival.

I am giving you an example let say there is a festival Holi. you are creating a Holi wishing Website. In this blogging few post is required to post. And there is a high possibility of getting high traffic. The next type of blogging is permanent blogging.

This is a type of blogging you have to write continuously post. And you have to put many efforts into ranking your blog post by writing quality content and doing proper SEO. This blogging has Potential to generate revenue for a lifetime.

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