How to make money from website or blog in 2020

Hello Guys! My name is Abhay kumar Welcome back to my blog. Do you have website and wanted to earn from it. In this article I will tell you how to earn money from blog or website in 2020. Read the whole article and you will be able to earn money from your website.

How to make money from website Or blog in 2020?


Let first talk about some myths that some people thing about monetization of website. Some people thinks that they have to write thousands of article for taking adsense approval. Let me explain this. You don’t need of thousands of article on your site. You can also get google adsense approval on your site if you have 10 articles posted. But the quality of your articles is good. You’re your domains age is more than 6 months then you are eligible for adsense.

Good Content:

As we know content  is the king. You have to upload quality content for your website and that article should be unique. Don’t copy from other article or don’t paste from internet. Your content should be yours. For any website content is the key and is only requirement for your visitors. If your content is so good then automatically traffic goes to your website. The most important thing is that don’t copy the articles from internet. This trick is not useful. I will tell you best way of earning money from websites. The traffic is totally depends on your content quality if your posts are worthy to the visitors then they will stay on your website and read the whole article. You can focus only on your content. By using this trick you can make many websites and earn money from all sites.

Put your extra efforts on writing amazing content. Your articles should be unique as well as best quality. If you follow these two then traffic automatically drive to your site. Write the useful content that visitor really wants. Don’t write unnecessary words in your articles. Keep focusing on the topic and write its related things. Don’t move outside the topic this will decrease the interest of your visitor.

Google Adsense:

After posting some articles on your website or blog. Now you are eligible for google adsense and apply for it. Once your website or blog is monetized then you are able to put ads unit on your website. Advertising starts the earning for your sites through google adsense. If you are facing problems for getting adsense approval you can also apply other alternatives of advertisement. Here is one other way of advertising the products. You can advertise or promote the product. Ads those products which are trustable and useful.

make money from website or blog in 2020

Affiliate Marketing:

You can earn money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the recommending the good products on your websites. If any one buys your recommended  products then you will get some commission. Review the best products and share your opinion about the products or services. Don’t recommend the bad products for getting commission this will degrades your website. If your visitor is not happy with your products then the traffic may be decrease. 

Tell your visitor the best products and works with honestly. If your visitor find that products are useful they trust on you. This will increase the traffic on your website. Then you will starts getting some commission.

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