About Minecraft Pocket Edition on Android

Hey Guys, Welcome back again in Tech Info Diaries blog. In this blog I will tell you a very simple and addictive game named Minecraft. Some years back Minecraft is available for Windows only, But now minecraft is available for both windows and android. It has very simple graphic. It looks like some blocks. All the things are made by square blocks.

When games starts you had spawn on any place. Now you have to do stating exploring surroundings like rivers, caves, fields, seas. You have to search some resourses for surviving in this game. You need to build a house for yourself, starts creating weapons, hunts for foods. You have to do all the things like building house and collecting resourses before night. Once night starts monsters came out in the field and they try to kill you. You need to save yourself by keeping stay in the house. This is game is of survival. Minecraft is really a very addictive game once you start playing then you going to playing more and more.

Download and Install Minecraft on Android


Minecraft features:-

1. Very Simple graphics

2. Addictive in nature

3. Create your world

4. Making weapons, armor

5. Hunt for food

6. Finding resources

7. Fight with monster

8. Play with your friends

9. It has three modes i.e. Creative, adventure, survival

How to Download and Install Minecraft on Android:

You can download from google play store but you have to purchase it. Minecraft is not a free game this is a paid game. But I will tell you another method for downloading the minecraft absolutely free of cost. You can download from AC Market application. Here lots of paid app are easily available. You can easily install minecraft from AC market. 

About Minecraft PE?

This game is very good and very addictive. The graphics of this games is very simple just like all thing are made up of blocks. In this game, you need to build your world and stay surviving. At the beginning of the game, you are alone and don’t have any resources for surviving. You need to collect resources like food, wood, metal, stones, many more. You can create weapons by using stones and wood. Hunt for food, it is necessary for alive. As time spent the day has gone and night will arise. You need to go into your house because of monster. The monster came at night and they are trying to kill you. If you see any monster you have to fight against him and try to kill. This game is for surviving the nights.

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