About Minecraft

About Minecraft:

In this article I will cover the main features in Minecraft as well as I discuss the pros and the cons of this game. When you start the game for the first time you will receive a recipe book which will allow you to see every item that is craft-able in the game. This feature makes it really easy for a beginner to get the hang of things as well as figure out all of the many things which can be crafted. The beauty of this game is that you can build pretty much anything exactly how you imagined it. And even the sky isn’t the limit. Mining is an integral part of the game, because there are so many gems and treasures that can be found beneath the surface, and as you progress throughout the game you can build armour which protects you against pretty much any monsters that you will encounter.

In the game you can plant crops and make things like bread and cake there are also several types of animals all with different uses. Breeding most animals is quite simple you just give them a piece of food. The game gets more fun as you tame wild animals such as Ocelot and wolves these animals serve as a valuable part of the pack you can take them on our team and these friends will also protect you on any exploration you make. While you are exploring the world you may come across villages where you can find items crops as well as make trades. When you get more experience in the game you can enchant your armour weapons and tools and become nearly invincible.

As you continue to explore you will find temples which all have hidden traps as well as hidden goodies. Once you’re strong enough you can craft a portal to the nether which has all kinds of treasure and is filled with danger. There are all kinds of legal creatures here and there are zombie pigman which will come after you if you attack them. Beware! There is also a creative mode that gives you access to all the resources in the game as well as the ability to fly.


It is time for the rating! This game gets an 8.5. Minecraft is one of the greatest games in the world and the power and it lies within the player. You have limitless options in the game and can create whatever you imagine. It is easy to spend countless fun hours on exploring and on creating.


The reasons why this game is not a 10.0 or because annoying things can happen like losing all of your gear when you fall into a lake of lava, and if you are a player who looks for a game with an engaging story then this game is probably not for you, because the story is completely made by the player itself. With that being said Minecraft is an awesome game.

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