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Hello friends, I am Abhay kumar from Tech Info Diaries. Today I am going to tell you (review) about Oppo f15. I have used this phone for approximately 10 days. And after using phone, there are so many things that have come out about this phone and you should know about like the phone. Let’s start.


The first thing we will talk about the display. You are getting 6.4 inch AMOLED display. In terms of visibility and colour tone, it is performing very well indoors and outdoors and the display is very awesome. This is a very high resolution display that you are getting in this phone which comes with very good clarity.

Build Quality:

Now let’s talk about the build quality. In terms of build quality, the phone is solid here you are getting a polycarbonate plastic on the back but the phone feels very slim . The phone is very lightweight. One-handed uses also very good. The bezels of the phone is very thin so the one handed form factor of the screen is very good also build quality wise this phone is very good. There is no problem anywhere so overall the phone feels very handy when you’re using it on day to day basis.


Guys, If we talk about the performance then let’s compare it with vivo S1 Pro. Both the phones are kind of similar in terms of price but you will be getting better performance in the Oppo f15. If I talk about the Antutu benchmark scores then oppo F15 is ahead here too. Overall, You will get better performance in the Oppo f15 because of the good processor. Oppo f15 processor comes with MediaTek and it is helioP70 and comparison wise you can see that OPPOF15 is better in terms of multitasking, Ram management, OPPO F15 is doing better compared to Vivo S1 Pro.


If we talk about the camera then you will get a  Quad-camera setup, where one of the sensors is a 48-megapixel camera and wide-angle camera, macro camera and a depth sensor as well. So there is no compromise in the camera department. The samples of the camera have also come out very good whether it is daylight or indoor light. the photos have come out very good in both scenarios. It has a natural color tone with good details. And if I talk about front camera and you will get a 16 megapixel front camera and it performs very good in indoors and outdoors conditions.  


If I talk about the storage and Ram then you will get 128 GB storage and 8GB of RAM in this phone because of this you will get better multitasking. Micro SD card slot is also available in this phone. So you will get a dedicated connectivity here. You can use two sim cards and SD card all at same time.

Battery and charger:

If I talk about the battery and charger then you will get a 20 watt charger with this phone. The you will get a large 4000 mAh battery. So you will get a big battery and a fast charging feature is also available. Charger comes with the box.


This is the full review of Oppof15 and one thing I would like to tell you about this phone which it lacks is the loudspeaker, you will get one loudspeaker and it isn’t that loud. Apart from this, there are no problems with the phone you getting USB C port, fast charging big display, slim form factor, big battery and fast processor, multitasking is also smooth and looking at all these things I will give a big Thumbs up to OPPO F15.

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