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Hello Friend, Welcome back to Tech Info Diaries. Today I am going to tell you latest tech news #1 in this blog.

Samsung S20 price, Realme 6 series, Nokia 10 latest Tech News #1

Nokia 10 is going to launch soon

Nokia is not going to MWC event 2020. In MWC events  they will launch many products like latest smartwatch and smartphone, but unfortunately Nokia is cancel their plans in MWC 2020. They found a new way for launching new products. Nokia reveals that they will launch a latest smartphone named Nokia 10. Nokia 10 is a flagship-level phone with a powerful processor.

Samsung S20 series Price in India

Samsung s20 series is likely launched in India very soon. Samsung reveals the price of Samsung S20, Samsung S20 plus, Samsung S20 Ultra. S20 comes with three colors i.e gray, pink, blue. Also, S20+ comes with 3 colors that is gray, blue and pink. But the S20 Ultra comes only in a gray color model. The price of Samsung S20 with 8GB RAM and 128ROM is 66,999 INR. The price of Samsung S20+ with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of ROM is 73,999 INR. The price of Samsung S20 Ultra with 12 GB RAM and 128 GB of ROM is 92,999 INR.

Realme 6

Realme is going to launch a series i.e Realme 6 series. Recently Mukul Sharma has tweeted that Realme 6 is listed on Flipkart Affiliate account. I think Realme 6 series comes with MediaTek G90 Processor, which is a powerful processor.

The automated factory will setup by Xiaomi

A piece of interesting news is out by Xiaomi that they will set up a fully automated factory. In this automated factory, all work is done by only robots and machines. No man is seen in this factory. In China, they start tests of the automated factories. Xiaomi told that if this test becomes successful then they will set up fully automated factories. Think about if there are no men working then it increases the unemployment. It can decrease job opportunities.

No smartphone under 5k

According to the latest survey, Big companies that sold their phone in Indian Market are announced that they will not launch any phone under 5k. Some people think that how poor or rural people can afford a phone, but according to survey rural people also like buying a phone above 5k. They know the features that companies provide above 5k. So companies sold smartphones above 5k. And Featured phones are continued in the Indian Market, most poor like this type of phone because they need featured phone for picking calls.

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