Science Backed Tips to Lose Weight | 9 Naturally Weight Loss tips

Hello Everyone, welcome to my blog. Today I am going to tell about weight loss. Do you want to Lose that unwanted weight and you don’t know how? In this article, I will share 9 proven science backed tips to lose weight without too much effort.

Weight loss is not a rocket science. Follow these 9 Science Backed Tips to Lose Weight by naturally. These tips help many followers they reached their goal weight.

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Science Backed Tips to Lose Weight
Science Backed Tips to Lose Weight

9 Science Backed Tips to Lose Weight

Virtualization Exercises

Tip number one is to use some visualization. And this really helps on the mind-body connection for weight loss which I think is probably most important. What I want you to do is to write down your ideal weight on a little piece of paper and you’re going to put this into a fancy box or a treasure box.

And you’re going to go to this and meditate and visualize your healthy weight and yourself at that healthy weight. When you’re in a good mood. When you’re feeling really good you’re going to do this three times a day. And this will really help you to get to that goal weight.

Use Green Tea

Tip number two is to use green tea. Whether you’re drinking green tea or you’re taking a green tea supplement.

The studies have proven that green tea with a little bit of caffeine and that combination is important that caffeine from the green tea helps with burning fat.

So one of the studies that I have here has shown that green tea has a thermogenic properties and promotes the fat oxidation which is exactly what we want the burning of that fat.

And especially that belly fat and it’s really important that combination with the caffeine to help with activating that thermogenesis which is your body’s internal engine and burning up those calories and turning them into heat.

Watch Your Insulin Levels

Tip number three is to watch your insulin levels. So insulin spikes when we eat sugar and carbs and as much as. It can be difficult to watch the carbohydrates.

It’s really important to decrease that insulin response. Insulin tells your body to store fat that’s not what we want.

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This is why it’s really important as well not to snack. You want to be able to take breaks in the day without eating because every time you eat you’re spiking that insulin.

And that fat storage mode is turned on that’s not what we want. So allowing for no snacking during the day you’re going to eat your balanced meals.

Engage In Cold Exposure

So tip number four is cold exposure. So you want to expose your body to extreme cold. And how do we do this. Well we can do this with a cold shower. We can do this in terms of exposing our body outdoors in the colder climates.

Certainly we always want to keep our head warm and our extremities warm but exposing our body to these cold temperatures really helps to build up and make brown fat.

Now studies have shown that this cold exposure and the brown fat further increases our thermogenesis like we talked about in tip number three it’s really important to be able to burn off our energy that we get from our food.

And our own body fat by making our fat cells more towards the beige and that brown fat.

So the studies on brown fat have proven that chronic cold exposure so not just once you’ve got to do this you know ongoing helps as a therapeutic target for obesity and obesity-related diseases and that’s a big statement but that’s right from the studies.

Engage in heat Exposure

Tip number five is Engage in heat Exposure. This is getting hot so by going in a sauna really increasing your core body temperature.

You’re going to increase something called your heat shock proteins and in one study it has shown that in 30 minutes of this extreme heat stress helps to increase your heart rate.

It’s much like exercise as well as the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. So this is much like exercise and guess what you get to sit down and relax in the sauna.

So just make sure that it’s hot enough around 160 degrees Fahrenheit is what you’re aiming for which is around 70 degrees celsius.

You’re going to want to increase your heat shock proteins at least three times a week. I usually recommend at least 20 to 30 minutes by sitting in the sauna which also increases your perspiration which is fantastic to get out those toxins that have accumulated in those fat cells

Get Your Circadian Rhythm In Sync

Tip number six is to get your circadian rhythm into sync. And how you do this is by trying to wake up and going to bed at the same time every single day of the week.

This can be difficult at first maybe you’re a shift worker but as long as you get your body into a regular routine ideally waking up with the sun. When the sun is rising and going to bed not more long after the sun has sunset.

And I know that’s difficult now depending on where you live on the planet but really important to get that circadian rhythm in sync.

Specifically best time to exercise during the day. Best time to eat during the day, best time to even have a bowel movement during the day you all need is your body is in sync.

And this goes a long way in maximizing the time of day that your body can actually digest and absorb your food and turn it into that active energy and not store it as fat.

Regular Exercise

Next Science Backed Tips to Lose Weight is of course exercise. Tip number seven is doing regular exercises. So whether it’s high-intensity interval training which is fantastic or maybe blood restriction flow training.

So when you restrict your blood flow and you can buy different straps. These are readily available and you can put them on your arms.

If you’re working your upper body or on your legs and all you can do it with straps. These straps in your upper extremity. So if I were to do my arm weights. I would have it here this is great for doing your shoulder exercises for your for your biceps.

And all your upper body exercises with the straps on you’re restricting partially your blood flow and that’s maximizing that vo2 max to be able to build that muscle with doing even less weight.

So this was found with athletes that were injured and they found that if the injured part was still able to have that mobility with using the straps that they could lift a lot lighter weight which was of course better for the rehab for those joints and for those injured tissues.

So that’s the great thing about BFR training is that you don’t have to lift heavy heavy but you still get those gains in that muscle mass which are so important.

Especially as we’re aging but we know that muscle helps to burn off body fat and the more muscle mass that we have even as women the better we are at metabolizing our food and not storing it as fat.

So this study showed for the BFR training that increases in the muscle volume increased as much as 3.4 to 5.1% in the quadriceps muscles.

When that blood flow was restricted during training. So you know a lot of promising evidence is coming into. Now into the mainstream world of exercise physiology and it’s a really great tool and asset to be able to add when you’re doing it using your straps in your training routine.

Doing Fasting / Intermittent Fasting

Tip number eight is fasting. So whether you’re doing a prolonged fast which is one, two, three, up to five days of fasting or you’re doing intermittent fasting.

And what I love about intermittent fasting this is a great way. Now to give your insulin a break you know when we talk about decreasing insulin.

And making sure that we’re stabilizing our hormonal aspects as to why we gain weight fasting is such a great tool and with intermittent fasting.

What you’re doing is you’re choosing a window of when you’re eating during the day and that’s typically about eight hours of eating and 16 hours of fasting.

So you’ve got to go through that 16 hours without eating. So that you can really minimize your insulin at that time and get your body out of that fat storage mode.


When we’re talking about weight in terms of mind, body and spirit connection. I really want you to think about why are you thinking about having to protect yourself and having that extra weight on your body.

You have to let it go and whether it’s on the physical, mental, emotional or the spiritual realm. You’ve got to let it go.

Your body doesn’t have to protect yourself in the way that you think it may have to physically and it’s amazing when this happens. When you allow your your mind, body, spirit to let go of that heaviness that you’re holding on to.

It’s remarkable how you can let that extra weight. Co effortlessly. These are my nine Science Backed Tips To Lose Weight.

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