9 Tips to Get Rid of a Headache Fast | Cure Headache Naturally Fast

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. Today I’m going to discuss 9 Tips to Get Rid of a Headache Fast. And how to do it naturally. These are my top nine Tips to Get Rid of a Headache Fast. And how to do this naturally. Read till the end and you will get something useful.

Tips to Get Rid of a Headache Fast
Tips to Get Rid of a Headache Fast

Tips to Get Rid of a Headache Fast


First tip is to remove the toxicity in your body. Our bodies do accumulate toxins over time and it’s really important to use natural herbal medicines things like milk, thistle, parsley and burdock root. To get those toxins out of the internal organs.

And doing that full body detox at least three to four times a year. When the seasons are changing and when our body best supports doing that detox is a great way to eliminate those headaches.

Which often have that root cause of that toxicity in those internal organs namely usually what i found in the past with many patients is in the liver as well as in the colon. And then a digestive tract and one of those toxins build up this can be a cause for those headaches.

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Clean Out The Microbiome

Next is to clean up the microbiome. So that environment in the gut it’s really important to make sure that we have a good diversity of those organisms in the gut. But also to ensure that we are getting rid of the bad ones because parasites.

They can often lead to headaches and to craving all the wrong foods which can also trigger headaches as well. So cleaning up that microbiome by having having fermented foods things like yogurt and kimchi are great and sometimes you may need to go to a probiotic supplement as well.

Increase Fibre In Your Diet

Nex tip is to increase the fiber in your diet. So constipation we know is a direct correlation to having those headaches. And when the bowels are not releasing those toxins and your body’s holding on to that fecal matter for too long of a time because of the constipation.

This can really cause a headache and I you know with many patients over the years they always reported when I would ask about headaches if a bowel movement would make it better and alleviate that headache.

And sure enough that often is the case so really important to ensure that you get those bowels going and alleviate that constipation by making sure that you have enough good quality soluble and insoluble fiber in the diet.

Decrease Your Stress

My next Tips to Get Rid of a Headache Fast is to decrease your stress. So we know that stress is definitely correlated with headaches and getting those stress headaches. Especially those tension headaches that can happen in the trapezius muscle really important that we’re addressing that stress doing it naturally

So take proper sleep and decrease your stress.

Make Sure You Don’t Have Leptin Resistance

Next one is to make sure that you don’t have leptin resistance. It’s so important that we entrain our bodies to be in sync with nature.

And that means looking at the sun in the morning getting grounded and connected with the earth and the geomagnetic forces of the earth is really important as well. And ensuring that we stop eating at a certain time.

Headaches are very much correlated to our hormones being out of balance and with that leptin resistance.

Rebound Headaches From Painkillers

Move on next tip is the rebound headache. So if you’re accustomed to taking something over the counter for your headaches be it ibuprofen or acetaminophen there is something called the rebound headache.

It may alleviate the symptoms of that initial headache but now because your body is getting used to having that over-the-counter medicine what can happen is that you get a rebound headache and your body’s looking for that next hit of that medicine.

So it’s really important to wean yourself off of these whenever you can and doing it naturally this is where our tip with detoxification for the headaches is really helpful at getting that out of your system.

But at the same time really treating the root cause of that toxicity and the cause of those headaches in the first place.

Avoid Continuous Eye Strain

Next Tips to Get Rid of a Headache Fast is to watch your eye strain-no pun intended. So the more that you are looking at devices very close to your sight of vision or at computer monitors or at television screens the more that you’re straining your eyes. This can really be a cause for headaches as well.

So you want to do your best to eliminate that overexposure to especially your eyes focusing at one distance so one little exercise that you can do to really help with this is to focus on that close distance.

Maybe that would be for instance your cell phone is close to you then you’re going to focus here but then you’re going to choose to focus somewhere far away and then you change your focus and you keep oscillating between that far focus and that close focus.

And what that does is it really helps to take the strain off of those ocular muscles helps to relieve that eye strain another thing you can do is massage.

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So during the day if you find that your eyes are getting very tired or you’re having difficulty with focusing but also that you’re starting to get that tension-type of headache because of that eye strain is to do nice little circles with your fingers around your brow bone.

And doing that and then you can actually go underneath the eyes as well right on that bone tissue and of course at the temples as well is fantastic for helping to eliminate that eye strain.

I always like to close my eyes when I do this because I just find it so much more helpful to actually relax those muscles and just allow the eyes to relax really great for those headaches.

And you can often you know stave off that headache completely by doing. This in the moment as soon as you have noticed that you are you know holding that tension there.

Do Some Acupressure

How to get rid of a headache with pressure points?

Next is to do some acupressure. So in some very important acupuncture points. One of them is called large intestine. This is if you are looking at when you put your thumb together at the end of that long crease there there is an acupuncture point.

And this is related to your large intestine so going back again to tip number one with the toxicity issues that you know getting rid of and my tip with getting you know rid of that constipation.

You want to stimulate that acupuncture meridian which is connected to the large intestine and by doing that just little circles with your finger in that area and I go clockwise but you know maybe in australia you go counterclockwise it doesn’t really matter.

But you’re pressing with a little bit of pressure here because when you hit that acupuncture point you’ll actually feel a bit of a sensation of it’s it’s not really pain but it’s like an ache that kind of goes right through your hand and you know that you’ve got the point correctly.

Especially if you have some blockage in that meridian in your large intestine but this is a master point for the head so for headaches it’s a fantastic way to alleviate those headaches right on the spot and again completely natural.

Use Essential Oil

Last tip is to use some essential oil and my favorite one for headaches is peppermint oil because it really has a bit of a tingling effect. You want to make sure that you don’t get this near your eyes so don’t get it on your fingers.

This one has a bit of a rollerball on it but any type of peppermint oil will work make sure it’s a high quality if you can organic oil and all you do is you put it on those pressure points.

So if you’re getting the headaches as that sort of that tension headache at the back of the neck you can put it back here if you get it around the temples again you’re going to put it in your hair line .

You don’t want it too close to your eyes because it can really burn your eyes i’ve made the mistake of doing this once at my son’s basketball game and inadvertently got it too close to my eyes.

And i couldn’t see for about 3 or 4 minutes and was panicking and it was really burning so you want to make sure that you don’t do that but there are a bunch of if you sort of poke around on your head and you have tender spots on your head.

That’s a great spot to put the essential oil of the peppermint and it’s really soothing it takes a couple minutes because i don’t feel much right now but then it has a great cooling sensation a couple minutes later and that blood flow is going to increase.

And you will just feel fantastic it will really help to alleviate that headache. So I hope that you’ll be able to find these Tips to Get Rid of a Headache Fast useful and helpful.

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