Top OTT Platforms in India | What are the OTT apps in India

There was a time when all the people depended solely on television with cable connection for their entertainment. Because at that time people had no means other than watching cable serial. There is no support other than cable connection. I will tell you top OTT Platforms in India through this blog post.

As the trend of the internet increased. Many options are open for people to watch the content of their choice. And today’s if we talk about people started preferring OTT platforms over cable connections because people get more features in OTT platforms.

They gets many features that can never be found in a cable connection. Because it is run on OTT platforms internet, so they can be enjoyed very easily apart from TV, smartphone tablets and laptop devices. Different OTT platforms exist but today in the blog let us tell you about the 8 top OTT Platforms in India.

8. Alt Balaji

So friends, You must have understood by its name that this platform is owned by the famous entertainment company Balaji Telefilm. Let us tell you that the OTT platform was popularized in the year 2017. It was founded by Ekta Kapoor, daughter of actor Jitendra.

It is a subscription based video on demand platform. This means that you can watch any type of content on this platform at any time. This platform is available for any type of devices like android smartphone, android television.

In Alt Balaji you mainly see content of drama, comedy and romance. Now if you talk about its subscription. It is one of the cheapest OTT platforms in India.

7. MX Player

Actually at this time, the MX Player is also being much preferred within India as an OTT platform. Let us tell you that on July 18, 2011, the MX Player was launched only as a video player. And at that time the developer of the application used to be J2 Interactive.

After that on 20 February 2019, MX Player was re-launched as a OTT platform. And now the developers of MX Player are named MS Media. MX Player as an OTT platform available in many countries other than India. That is why at present there are around 300 million users around the world.

Friends if we talk about subscription, MX Player is 18 supported streaming platform. All the channels and contents are on it is available absolutely free.

6. Sony Liv

And friends, moving forward in a similar way, let us now talk about the next OTT platform Sony Liv. Friends as you may have understood by the name of it that the name of Sony Liv was a small platform owned by Sony Pictures Networks.

The company is named India Private Limited and the OTT platform was launched 7 years ago in 2013 and the content on this platform is available not only in Hindi and English language but also in six other Indian languages ​​besides the partner OTT platform.

All the television channels can also be enjoyed like Sony TV Sony Ten Sony Max Sony Pix and Sony Six Channel and some content is available for free on this OTT platform which can be watched without spending any money but there There is also some content premium so that it can be seen only after taking premium subscription and its premium subscription price is ₹ 299 per month to ₹ 999 per year.

5. Zee5

Although friends, let us now talk about the next OTT platform i.e Zee5. It is run by a company named Zee Entertainment Enterprises.

In fact, this service was launched 2 years ago by Zee Entertainment in 2018. This platform is available not only in India but in more than 90 countries all over the world. It is not only in Hindi but can be seen in many other languages ​​as well.

4. Voot

We have placed Voot at number 4 in the list of top OTT platforms in India. Voot is actually one of the most used OTT platforms in our India. This OTT service was launched 4 years ago in 2016 and Since then, it has owned its own comedy through comedy and this is the reason that apart from original shoes on the OTT platform, a lot of TV channels can also be seen, with content on this platform not only in Hindi and English but in many other Indian languages.

Also available, a lot of content will be available on the vote for free, which can be enjoyed not even by any subscription, but to watch some special web series and original shoes, the subscription of the vote also has to be priced at ₹ 99 per month. Can range from ₹ 999 per year

3. Disney+ Hotstar : Top OTT Platforms in India

Moving forward in the same way, let us now talk about the next OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar at number 3 in this list, by whose name it is known that the work of running this OTT platform was India and Its ownership is owned by The World Disney Company India.

In fact, Disney Plus Hotstar was launched for the first time only in 2015 by the name Hotstar, but in the year 2019 it was bought by 2 Volt Disney Company, after which on 3 April 2020 It was relaunched under the name of Disney Plus Hotstar and currently there are more than 3 people from all over the world.

Speaking of all of Saathiya, it comes with 2 types of plans VIP and premium, in which the price of VIP plan ₹ 399 per year has been kept and all types of Indian content is available in it, Satish’s second plan premium is priced at ₹ 299 per year and in this plan only international content is available to fellow Indian content.

2. Netflix : Top OTT Platforms in India

In the same way, the Netflix has made its place at number two in the list. But friends, as you all know, the Netflix is a American company. It is famous not only in India for its services, but in the whole world. Netflix took entry into India 4 years ago, i.e in 2016.

Today it has fully made its way into the world as well as India and Net Pack inside India has its tremendous original shoes i.e. web series If you talk about its sub-station, then it comes with four different France. Whose first plan starts at ₹ 199 per month which is a mobile only plan.

It is that this plant works only in cell smartphones, after this, the second comes the basic plan which is priced at ₹ 499 statue and finally comes standard HD and premium ultra HD whose plant is priced at ₹ 799.

1. Amazon Prime : Top OTT Platforms in India

Amazon Prime Video is ruling number one in the list of top OTT Platforms in India. This OTT platform is the most preferred within India. The OTT platform must have understood from the name (Amazon Prime).

In fact, Amazon Prime Video Service was launched in India in the year 2016 itself. And on the basis of its amazing original shows and web series. It is used to be the first choice of Indian people in this time.

Now talk about it subscription, most of the people get to see two types of options here, in which the first option of ₹ 129, which is available for 1 month, in addition to the second plan comes in ₹ 999, in which you will get Amazon Prime for the whole year.

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