10 Unique topics for YouTube channel in 2021

Today I am going to tell 10 unique topics YouTube channel with zero competition and in upcoming 5 to 6 years no one going to beat you and if you follow all these now, then your future is going to be bright. I will tell you 10 channel ideas.

In today’s time in 2020, growing YouTube channel has become tough mean so much competition over there.

You may be expert in any field like you have best skills in photo editing, video editing, you have good knowledge of mobile or you have any other skills like you teach good, you do good comedy but as you search on YouTube then they will millions of creator only this there subscriber are also in millions.

Then how will you able to grow a new channel. You make a new channel on unique topics for YouTube channel which is completely unique with a new ideas and competition will be zero.

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Product review

You can create your channel on product review. This idea is very amazing. If you have any shop whether you have electronic shop or clothes shop or shoe shop or any product shop. You have to make a video of 5 to 7 minutes presenting your product then you have to upload it on You Tube.

You can record video by your mobile phone. For example if you have television shop then you have to tell everything about your product like screen size, resolution, all features that television supports, etc. Then you have to upload the video on YouTube and place your whatsapp number in its description.

If anyone wants to buy your product then he will be able to contact you. These type of channels are very less. If you create channel on this then your channel will grow at faster speed.

Agriculture : Unique topics for YouTube channel

Agriculture & fields category has very less channel on YouTube. If you have good knowledge of agriculture like you know how to select seed for cropping, which fertilizer can be used for killing insects, how to harvest crop, which crop has to be grown in which season, etc.

If you know these types of queries then you have to create channel on agriculture. The content is less on YouTube. If you provide good quality content then you will definitely grow within a month. You will gain more subscribers easily because there is low competition in agriculture.

Tips for studying

You can create your channel on giving tips for students. Like make videos on how to do effectively studies? How to prepare for board exam? How to prepare for pre boards? You makes videos on how to study for longer hours. These types of channels on youtube are very less.

You will make videos on that topic and this content will watch most of time. Because most of the students are finding the solution of above question. If you give good tips then your channel will grow. And these type of content will never be outdated. All students will need these content.

Diet planner : Unique topic for YouTube channel

In today’s time life of people become very busy that we ourselves don’t know what we are eating? what we are drinking? how we are living?

So here if you start telling schedule per day start planning people life then your channel will be watch in helplessness means if i don’t know what i have to eat today means someone has diabetes then which diet he have to follow if someone has sugar, then which diet he need to follow you have to plan diet by knowing every disease and you also have to make a plan for normal people by doing this what happen, your video will watch in many numbers because in today time, people mainly have problem.

Online teaching

As we know there are many channels on YouTube that are teaching students of 10th, 11th , 12th for competition exams or academics studies. But we can see very few channels that are teaching to lower classes students like 4th, 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th classes with the same level of preparation that give to 10th and12th students.

So if you create something like these channels complete guide student, take live classes then your classes will run more as comparison to 10th,12th because mostly 10th and 12th class student mainly go to tution but most of the student of these classes do not go to tution and will watch your video more. You can try this if you are interested in teaching. 

Awareness and Sympathy

Awareness spreading videos are very liked by our society. For example you may have seen actor Varun Paruthi.

You have to make videos like that create such a videos which is sympathetic that make people emotional by doing this, your video will get full watch time and people will share them much as they can. And in upcoming time this content future will not be vanish.

Career Guide

Let’s move on other Unique topics for YouTube channel this is very unique that its content will go in millions views and content will never end.

You will start telling. How to become a IAS officer, how to join defence, how to become police officer, how to become teacher, how to become a peon, how to become doctor, etc. All these topic runs in India. You make video on telling the exact way of becoming scientist, engineer, etc.

Managing skills

Right now you will not get any videos related to managing skills like money managing, time managing,etc. How to save your time and money. You create such a channel where you starts telling money management like how to invest your money, where to invest.

You can make videos on How to utilize your time, how much time to spend in activities. This may be beneficial category for you. So if you have skills to do managing you have studies you can start your channel on this. In this you will get large growth rate and competition is also low.

Old movie review : Unique topic for YouTube channel

Now I am going to tell you that content videos can go in millions of views. You would get many videos of review on latest movie in 5-10 minute. It tell everything about movie but no one will tell you about old movies which are 15 year, 25 years, 30 years, 40 years older.

No one tell about them so if you start guiding that which movie people need to watch and in which way and also tell the theme of the movie in that video means tell the theme of complete movie when, what happened and when the suspense create.

Start telling all things then those who are fond of watching movies will start watching and downloading the movies by watching your review videos and you can generate healthy income from that.

Micro niche

Next channel idea which i am going to tell you will be helpful. you have to work on Micro Niche let me teach you by an example if you are a guitarist then you have to make videos on only guitar. How to play guitar? You can make videos on how to play guitar and learn easily. Provides tips for playing guitar. You make videos on which guitar is best

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