What is Instagram Handle? How to Protect Instagram Account?

What is Instagram Handle

Hello Friends, In today’s time I think everyone uses Instagram. Few years ago, there was a time when people knew only Facebook, Whatsapp as a Social media platform, but Instagram has grown very fast among almost all social media sites. Instagram has around billions of users worldwide.

List of Contents:

  1. What is Instagram? What is Instagram handle?
  2. Complete Information about Instagram
  3. How to make Instagram handle
  4. Use Instagram handle
  5. Protect your Instagram handle

If you are looking for what is Instagram handle, how to make Instagram handle, how to use Instagram handle, then read this article you will get all information.

what is instagram handle how to protect instagram handle

What is Instagram? What is Instagram Handle?

Instagram is a very popular social networking platform. With the help of Instagram you can stay connected with your relatives or friends, follow them and invite them, share messages, photos, and videos on Instagram with them. 

Also, you can share your photos or videos with a great caption to a special group of friends. Now a days Instagram is going to most popular among all social media sites. Basically Instagram handle also known as Instagram account.

Complete Information about Instagram

Do you know when Instagram came, what is the meaning of Instagram, Instagram features and benefits, if not then in our article you will find every small and big information related to Instagram.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are two that created instagram in 2010. It was launched in October 2010 for the iOS, in 2012 for Android and in 2016 for Windows. Facebook bought it in 2012 because it’s growing popularity of Instagram.

The word Instagram is made up of two words Instant + Camera = Instagram. We can also call it photo sharing. Instagram allows sharing of photos shared on its site on Facebook WhatsApp and Twitter. Story feature is the most popular in Instagram. 

Users can apply their favorite photos and videos to their story. We can share live video on Instagram. Instagram Television (IGTV) is an Instagram linked application, on which we can also share 1 hour long videos.

Like any other app, Instagram can be easily installed in phone by google play store. It is free platform and can downloaded for free. Instagram camera allows people to share photos and videos with editing. Instagram has become a network through which people start trending towards online shopping and business advertising.

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How to make Instagram Handle

Guys, it is very easy to create an account or handle on Instagram. For creating new account first you have to go to Google Play Store and install Instagram app. Instagram app has been downloaded by around 1 billions people so far, and given rating of 4.5.

After installing, you need phone number or email ID is required because one time password (OTP) has sent to phone number of email id for verification.

After that you need to login to it with a phone number or Gmail account and after that enter a unique user name and create your Instagram account.

How to use Instagram Handle

After login in your Instagram handle. You seen mainly 5 options on the screen. Let me tell you about all 5 options.

1. Home

First option is Home. Here you will see all photos and videos of those people that you follow. You can like their photos and do comments as well. If you want to share video or photos to your friends you can do also.

2. Search

You see search icon on top of the screen. By clicking on it, you can search any person. Also you see many photos and videos.

3. + Icon

+ Icon is used to upload photos or videos. If you want to share your video or photo, you can share from gallery by clicking +icon easily.

4. Heart icon

Heart icon works as a notification. Whenever someone comment on your photos, tags you, likes your photo, you can get notification in this section. Here you see a list of people who follow you.

5. Profile

By clicking on Profile icon, you enter your profile, Here you can edit your information like name, profile image, username. Also you can see no. of followers and following.

In following tab, you see number of people you follows while in followers tab you see number of people who follows you. In profile you see all posts like pictures and videos that are uploaded by you.

How to protect Instagram Handle?

1- Choose a strong password

Always use strong password for your account because if you use easy password then someone breaks or guess your password easily. Strong password can be made by using uppercase letter, lower case letter, numbers and also use special characters.

You have to make your password by using all four that I mentioned. So, guessing or breaking the password is going to very difficult for anybody.

2- Always on Two-Factor Authentication

Always on two-Factor Authentication, whenever you or someone try to log in from different device. Then a security code is required for login, you have to enter it. This protects your instagram handle.

3- Cancel access to Suspicious Third-Party Apps

One of the Instagram’s handle security tips is to revoke the access of any “suspicious third party apps”. Basically, it means if any website or app that does not follow Instagram’s community guidelines or terms of use, don’t give access to that sites.

4- Additional Tips

 There are some other ways that you can protect your Instagram handle:

Whenever you us someone computer or phone for login Instagram, always remember to logout. And if you log into Instagram from someone’s computer, do not tick the “remember me” box, because it keep you logged in and save your password in browser even you close the browser.

Last tips is never tell you password to someone that you don’t know or trust.

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