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Hello everyone Welcome back to my tech info diaries blog.Today I come with a very helpful guide on the smartphone. In this article I am telling you How to buy a smartphone in your budget. Basically this is a guide for buying a smartphone in your budget. I think some people in families, and friends are quite confuse for buying a smartphone. In this article all your confusions has gone away. So you can buy best smartphone in your budget.

How to buy smartphone in 2020 - Full guide

We all know companies launches many smartphones after two or three days. One common problem for everyone. If you purchased a new smartphone recently then after one month a new smartphone has launched by companies with a upgraded specs and you feels regret on your decision for buying a smartphone. So guys, I am telling to a guide for buying a smartphone in your budget. One thing keep in mind when you buy a smartphone is good time don’t feel regret on your decision because in this mobile industry daily new smartphones were launched.

Make a Checklist
First of all make a checklist. And write what you want in your smartphone like performance of device, camera, battery life, storage capacity, display, etc. I think checklist will help you a buying a good smartphone in your budget.
According to my opinion performance of the device should be a first priority. Mainly performance defines the best phone.

Performance of phone:

When you purchase a phone in any range or your budget. And if you buy a phone under 10k then after one months its performance decrease by installing many apps and playing heavy games. This things happens usually if processor of phone is weak. So pick the processor according to your usages or work and keep in mind it works atleast one year good.

For checking the performance of phone check the three main aspects given below.

CPU – CPU stand for central processing unit. This is the processor of phone or it is calles Soc. Processor may be Snapdragon, Mediatek, Exynos, etc.

Storage type – Storage type may be of EMMC, UFS 2.0, UFS 2.1, UFS3.0. Better Storage type provide the fast read and write operation. UFS 3.0 is the latest storage type and this is the fastest among all.

RAM type – RAM stands for random access memory. Ram type may be LPDDRx3, LPDDRx4. Performance of phone depends on ram type. Donot neglect the ram type. Select the better one. LPDDRx4 is the latest version of ram.

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