How to earn money from Youtube in 2020

Hello everyone! Welcome back again in Tech info diaries blog. Today I come with way of making money online by youtube in a easy manner. Honestly Making money by youtube is the best way and it is also a easy way.As we know around 2 billion users logins every month on youtube. Also Thousands of videos are uploaded every minute. This article is going to explain the ways of making money from youtube.  

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How to Earn money from YouTube  

Step 1. Create a channel 

First of all You have to create a youtube channel. It is easy to create a channel in youtube. Before creating a channel you have to decide the category of your channel. Select the attractive name for your channel name and design the channel logo and channel art. 

Step 2. Fulfill the minimum requirement of youtube to monetize  

Then you need to complete the 4000hrs watch time and 1000 Subscriber in the last 12 months. This is the minimum requirement for approving the channel.

Step 3. Create an AdSense account 

After the completion of watch time and subscriber then you need to setup the Adsence account. It is easy to create an Adsense account. Fill all the details in Google Adsense sign up form. Then you enter in Adsense account. 

Step 4. Find new features of monetization  

Every monetization channel has its own features like. 

By Advertisements: If your channel is monetized then you are eligible to earn by showing ads on your channel. The condition is you must be minimum of 18 years old and your contents is ads friendly. Create your own original content and show ads on videos. You have to keep in mind one thing doesn’t copy the existing content or videos. 

By YouTube Premium: You can earn money by youtube premium feature. Let say if a youtube premium member watches your videos then you will get some revenue. This the most easy way for earning on youtube.

Channel memberships: By using channel memberships features you can earn more in youtube. This is basically for your subscriber. In order to access channel membership, subscribers need to join a membership and you get revenue. For accessing the channel memberships you have to minimum 18 years old and you have at least 30k subscribers. 

Merchandise shelf: There is another way for earning money by selling merchandise from youtube. For accessing this feature you have to atleast 18 years old and you have minimum 10k subscriber. 

By Super Chats: You can receive payment by super chats. This features if used during live sessions or live streams. Super chat messages are highlighted in your chat. For using this feature you need to be minimum 18 yrs old.

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