What is Event Blogging? How to start Event Blogging?

Hi Guys, Welcome to Tech info diaries blog. We will give you information about What is  Event Blogging, how to start event blogging and how to earn money from event blogging.

How to earn money from event blogging through this post we will tell you.

Now a days Event Blogging is getting very famous. You may probably heard about it. Many blogger starts event blogging.

An Event Blog is made to focus on a occasion or an particular event so that you can make money from Blog when the events begins. Event Blog needs to begin 3-4 months before the event starts so that your blog can rank on Google.

Today we will give you complete information about How to do Event Blogging by this post.

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What is Event Blogging?

Friends, you will know that for any celebration of any festival or any special event, you need to write posts for a blog for any celebrating events. You will definitely know there is no shortage of festival in India.

So friends, if you are thinking of event blogging in India, then you are right that you can make good money through it, then now you must have understood that what we have to write post is to target blogging by targeting Festivals or targeting events.

How to start Event Blogging?

To start Event Blogging, you have to prepare before the event begins. You can’t start doing work just 15-20 days before. Time to your blog so that it rank on google. You can create any Event Blog at least 50-60 days before event starts.

Your work should be started before event as soon as possible. So, I will tell you Step By Step.

Step:1 Choose An Upcoming Event

When you have thought to start blogging, now the first task in front of you is to choose the Upcoming Event, then for this you can choose the most popular event on the Internet so that you can get more traffic and earn more money .

Step:2 Keyword Research

Keyword Research is very important task of this, without it. It is very difficult to have success of Event Blog, if you have budget to do Keyword Research then use Paid Tools like Semrush and Ahref because in these tools you will get many features. In which you can do your work easily .

If you do not have a budget also you can use free tools for  Keyword Research for free, then for this we have given you three tools with the help of which you can create an Event Blog .

  1. Ubersuggest
  2. Google Trends
  3. Keyword Planner

Step:3 Buy a Domain name related to event

If you want to rank your event properly, then you have to buy a domain for it. While buying a domain, remember some things like:

  • Your Domain should contain Event Name .
  • If event is specified to a country, then try to buy that country domain.
  • Try to your domain name should be short and contain keyword.
  • Keyword should be searchable.

Step:4 Setup your Blog

Now you have to start the blog and setup it properly, for this, you can choose any of the most popular Blogging Platform like WordPress and Blogspot, both are good. In wordpress you can customize your blog easily. WordPress provides many tools for customizing.

But in blogger customization is limited. It depends on you. For worpress you need to buy hosting.

What is Event Blogging

Step:5 Writing Quality Content  

Now you have to write high quality content related to the your event, write long and unique content by targeting your Main Keyword, you have to do this work around 50-60 days in advance, you have to write at least 1000-1500 words in every post and use atleast two images in each post. You have to do SEO.

Step:6 Make Quality Backlinks

Quality Link building is necessary to rank your blog on first page on Google, for this you have to create quality backlinks by going to related websites and blogs and posting comments and guest posts. Backlinks are best if they are Do-Follow.

Step:7 Promote your Blog   

After making your blog and you have to generate maximum traffic as possible as. Traffic is neccessary for earning online. You can promote your content using any method like using social media, doing SEO, sharing post to people.

You can use youtube, quora, pinterest for gaining the traffic to your blog. Traffic will generate through organic searches if you do SEO properly, optimize your blog. Best method is sharing post to social networks. You will get some traffic from social media sites.

Step:8 How to earn money from Event Blogging?

Google Adsense is the best source of earn money for blogger, by showing ads on your blog you will earn money from your Event Blogging. Also you can also use affiliate marketing methods to earn good money by event blogging.

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