Best Seven Tips for Hypothyroid | Thyroid Problems

Hello Guys welcome to my blog. Today I’m going to discuss Tips for Hypothyroid and i have 7 tips for hypothyroid. So when we’re talking about thyroid function. We want to optimize it and it’s got to be well balanced. So we don’t want it to be over functioning and certainly we don’t want it to be under functioning. I have some List of Food to Eat for Hypothyroidism.

Let’s get right to the Tips for Hypothyroid and make sure you read till the end. I hope you will get it useful. My tips on how to help your low thyroid

Best Tips for Hypothyroid  Thyroid Problems
Best Tips for Hypothyroid | Thyroid Problems

Seven Tips for Hypothyroid

Morning Sunlight

Morning sunlight in your eyes especially on your skin. It’s really important to connect with those healing rays of the sun to open up our eyes looking at thesunrise.

To really ensure that we’re turning on our brain and all of that chemistry that needs to happen throughout the day. This actually helps with our sleep but also helps with our metabolism and regulating our thyroid gland.

Also in the morning one of the great things to do is to get grounded. So having your feet on the earth connecting with those electrons from the earth is really important for helping your thyroid gland as well.

And of course in the middle of the day getting that natural sunlight is important so that we’re activating our vitamin D on our skin and the production of our vitamin D which is important for our thyroid function and our metabolism as well.

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Decrease your Stress

Next tip is to decrease your stress and we want to have proper vagal tone. What that means is that our vagus nerve our 10th and largest cranial nerve of the body is connected to our internal organs.

And is always giving messages back up to our brain as to the state that we’re in so hopefully that’s a healthy state.

But one of the things to make sure that we are nice and relaxed and we’re going into that parasympathetic relaxed state of our nervous system is to actually do a breathing exercise to help with the vagus nerve.

I’m telling you it’s incredible for helping your vagus nerve but for helping your thyroid as well.

Decrease your EMF Exposure

Now move on next one is to decrease your emf exposure. You can purchase an emf reader and use that. It’s a great tool in your home to really show you know where you are getting those emf exposures.

And also at the office and this thing will you know as I get closer to different you know electronic devices my cell phone my computer anything basically that’s plugged in.

Giving my example: I can get a reading and it sort of it goes off and red and it’s all scary and but it really was something that gave me a lot of information even at my work desk at my office that I was getting EMF exposure that I wasn’t even aware of.

So I was able to move things around to decrease my exposure which is really important for your thyroid health also one of the things that you can do is put your phone on airplane mode. When you’re not needing your cell phone signal. When you can use wi-fi calling that’s a little bit better in terms of you know getting that EMF exposure.

Decrease your Artificial Light Exposure

Next is to decrease your artificial light exposure especially toxic blue light. So again from our cell phones from our ipads, our tablets, from our tv screens.

A Research has shown that unfortunately that artificial light exposure especially at night has an increased risk for thyroid cancer and this is a fairly.

Recent study that was done so we really have to try to turn our lights off especially after the sun has gone down at sunset and have natural light. So whether that’s by fire candles in the house.

In my own home I’m constantly turning off the lights especially when it’s dark outside to decrease that artificial light exposure.

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Another thing you can do is you can purchase blue light blocking glasses which is great especially as the day goes on to block especially from your devices, in your cell phone and your computer screen to block that blue light radiation.

You don’t want to be stimulating your melanopsin which is that blue light receptor that helps with our melatonin later at night for sleep.

You don’t want to be doing that throughout the entire day especially as the day gets later and later when we’re supposed to be in that dark environment. So it’s really important that you are able to block that blue light as much as possible.

Fix the Gut

We know that leaky gut syndrome and autoimmunity which is sometimes related to thyroid is also a big problem.

So fixing that leaky gut is important in terms of decreasing that overall inflammation in the body and decreasing that autoimmunity as it could be related to hypothyroid as well.

Do a full body Detox

Do a full body detox and especially a liver detox so you know focusing in on getting those toxins out of those internal organs is really important.

And I do recommend a full body detox at least a few times a year. Also the liver is important and why is that well it’s the liver that converts our active hormone.

So our T4 into our T3 active hormone for the thyroid which is really important for proper thyroid function and our metabolism and being able to maintain a healthy body weight.

So that’s really important to keep our liver healthy and of course to do it naturally.

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Cold Hydrotherapy Treatment

Next is a cold hydrotherapy treatment to the thyroid gland. All you’re doing basically is you’re shuttling back between hot and cold compresses on the thyroid gland.

And you’re doing that to really set up that pumping action of the blood really stimulating the gland especially good for when the gland is under functioning and again completely natural doesn’t cost anything.

A great way to stimulate for especially for hypothyroidism especially if you have the symptoms.

So I hope that you learned something new. And that all Tips for Hypothyroid.

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